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The Kobayr Monastery in Armenia.Dated XII Century AD.

Where does spirit live? Inside or outside
Things remembered, made things, things unmade?
― Seamus Heaney

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The Kobayr monastery in Armenia was built on a brink of the Debed river gorge, in 1171, by the Kyurikid princes, a junior branch of the Bagratuni royal house of Armenia. In the 13th century, the monastery was acquired by the Mkhargrdzelis, a noble Armenian dynasty at the service of Georgian royals. The Mkhargrdzelis converted Kobayr into a Chalcedonian monastery, as a result of which the monastery stayed under the tutelage of the Georgian Orthodox Church for some time. This explains several Georgian inscriptions found on the walls of the monastery, which exist alongside the monastery's original Armenian inscriptions.