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The beautiful world of Daniel Ost


A man and his art
Welcome to the world of Daniel Ost, an artist who works with flowers, plants & trees. His floral art was first recognised in Japan where floral decoration has long been recognised as an art per se. From childhood on he has been busy searching to present flowers in a way that makes them convey feelings of serenity, frugality, joy, passion and much more. His flower arrangements are his message.

Daniel Ost creates flower arrangements for lovers of simplicity as well as sophistication and quality; for people for whom flowers are even more than a wonderful gift of nature. His clients also include royal families, sheiks, Christie`s as well as humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF. The floral art of Daniel Ost is also based on close and trusted team work, love of natural simplicity and professionalism in purity.

Daniel Ost has an intuitive understanding of the Japanese concept of space, serenity and purity which comes across in the way he arranges his carefully selected flowers and plants. He takes the best nature can offer and achieves the unexpected with an extraordinary individuality and without losing the natural element. There is an exquisite aesthetic to his work which you can enjoy at your leisure while browsing the following arrangements.


Daniel Ost has been described by CBS news as the “world`s leading flower designer”.His creations are floral sculptures. “He takes a form that nature creates and from this makes something that has never been made before. This man`s hands can create anything that his mind can conceive”, is what Cees Notheboom, Dutch writer, poet and journalist once said about him.

He is a perfectionist who continually questions everything and this strength pushes him to surpass himself each and every time. He wants his work to convey a message and feels that if it doesn`t it has failed.He is passionate about everything he does, he goes beyond the limits to achieve what he wants without compromising. He has traveled 500 km for an orchid. “The difference between ordinary and the extraordinary is in the detail”
Evidently, Daniel Ost`s floral sculptures integrate perfectly within their setting.


Daniel Ost and his team decorate major events as parties, celebrations and weddings. Each of the events he decorates are breath- taking experiences where the guests admire in a special kind their flower art. 

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Garden design is another hobby of his. For the time being, he concentrates principally on evergreens which are beautiful all year round. Daniel Ost himself says: “it is much more difficult to achieve a permanent effect with flowers” so it is his cure against ephemerality . This is how he achieves a balance, perishable flowers offset against the force of an ever flourishing garden.


Daniel Ost and his team welcome you in their shops which do beautiful bouquets for everyday and for special occasions. As soon as you enter a Daniel Ostshop, you step into a world of magic. Come and see for yourself what he and his team can conjure up for you and your loved ones!

There is a world of choice to admire and dazzle, but in any of our shops you will have someone to guide and help with your selection and perhaps even turn your preconceived ideas of a bouquet upside down so that you will leave knowing that you have come away with something totally unique and special.


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