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A Dream in Autochrome

Double Exposure Animal Portraits by Andreas Lie

Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie merges verdant landscapes and photographs of animals to creates subtle double exposure portraits. Snowy mountain peaks and thick forests become the shaggy fur of wolves and foxes, and even the northern lights appear through the silhouette of a polar bear.

Dreamlike Autochrome Portraits of an Engineer's Daughter From 1913 Are Among the Earliest Color Photos

Mervyn O'Gorman is best known as one of the greatest British engineers, and during WW1 was head of the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. O'Gorman was also known as an early pioneer of color photography. Many of his images are included in exhibitions referencing early color photography, including this dreamlike series of his daughter Christina using the Autochrome process in 1913.

Simon Stålenhag's Retro Sci-Fi Images of a Dystopian Swedish Countryside Published In Two New Books

Swedish illustrator Simon Stålenhag has spent the last few years imagining a world of science fiction inhabited by roaming mech robots, dinosaurs, and other technological innovations plopped right onto the Swedish countryside. The artist has just announed a Kickstarter for a new book featuing his dystopian illustrations paired with short stories printed in English.

Father Draws a New Maddeningly Intricate Maze for His Daughter

Two years ago we stumbled onto the story of a girl in Japan who was going through her father's old belongings when she discovered a hand-drawn maze rolled up in a tube. Kazuo Nomura spent 7 years drawing the sprawling labyrinth while working as a janitor and it hadn't seen the light of day since 1983. Responding to pressure from his daughter to draw a second maze, Nomura finally sat down to try again earlier this year to create a second maze.

Fascinating Satellite Photos of Seaweed Farms in South Korea

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center just shared these fascinating satellite photos taken in January 2014 over the shallow waters around Sisan Island, South Korea. The tiny patchwork of small squares are entire fields of seaweed that are held in place with ropes and buoys to keep the plants near the surface during high tide but off the seafloor in low tide.

Photographer Brittany Wright Captures Foods in Colorful Gradients

Photographer and food enthusiast Brittany Wright sets up intricate culinary still lifes that focus primarily on the differentiation of fruits' and vegetables' coloration. Wright captures a rainbow of colors in foods ranging from heaps of apples to carrots plucked freshly from the earth. Each photograph focuses on the produce against a stark white background, a way to display the food's vibrant shades without distraction.

Large Format Photographs Capture Ornate Opera Houses From Around the World

David Leventi photographs the interiors of world famous opera houses, capturing the ornate design of the architecture found inside. Using 4×5″ and 8×10″ Arca-Swiss cameras, Leventi captures each opera house from the vantage of an operatic singer, photographing the space from the very center of the stage.

From the Colossal Shop: A Very Sketchy World Tour

For the last eight years Sketchbook Project founders Steven Peterman and Shane Zucker have amassed an astonishing collection of more than 30-thousand crowd-sourced sketchbooks from every corner of the world. Now entering the project's ninth year, the co-founders have published a compendium of their collection. Featuring some of the best and most fascinating pieces in the collection, The Sketchbook Project World Tour offers a glimpse into the vibrant, flourishing community Steven and Shane have supported for nearly a decade. It is available now at the Colossal Shop.

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