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Inspiring New Photography from Around the World, Plus In-Depth Previews of Photo London

Inspiring New Photography from Around the World, Plus In-Depth Previews of Photo London
Francis Hodgson
Inspired by the subtle aesthetic of wabi-sabi—a philosophy of reduction, modesty and the beauty of imperfection—these luminous images offer an enchanting gaze on the world around us.
By Rinko Kawauchi. Collective
Ms. Ulmer: 90 Years an Artist
A touching portrait of a woman whose life-long companion has been art. Each day, for 90 years, she has drawn, illustrated, posed and created—doing her small part to bring a little more beauty into the world. By Candace Karch.
Searching for a Human Side in North Korea
A portrait of "the Hermit Kingdom"—a photographic effort to pierce the veil of mutual misunderstanding and find something human beneath the grandiose propaganda and widespread misinformation. By David de Vleeschauwer.
American Archives
A Japanese photographer set out to challenge his own stereotypes and find the "real" America. In his photos, he digs deep and creates revealing portraits that are full of drama, challenging his view and what he thought he knew. By Tetsuya Kusu.
PhotoLondonPhoto London is coming!  May 21–24, 2015  The fair will feature a wide range of talented, establish and up-and-coming artists—there will be thousands of fantastic photographs on show (and for sale).
Plus — be sure to see LensCulture's exhibition of the 31 winners and finalists of the 6th Annual LensCulture Exposure Awards, a special exhibit at Somerset House for Photo London. We'll all be there, too, so come by to say Hi!
To get you excited, our editors have managed to pull together a small selection of some of our favorites:  Editors' Preview of Photo London 2015.
Above: Poolscape 01. Showing at Crane Kalman Brighton. Courtesy of Photo London. © Karine Laval
From this eclectic mix, a number of photographers' work particularly caught our eye.
Here are four in-depth features on their work:
Recycle: Reimagining Fashion
Photographs by Jean-François Lepage
Drapes // Parts
Photographs by Eva Stenram
Sakura: Time with Cherry Blossoms
Photographs and text by Risaku Suzuki
Night Flights: Portraits in Ambrotype
Photographs and text by Matthias Olmeta


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