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Two Inspiring Interviews + Some of Our Most Popular Competition Entries

Two Inspiring Interviews + Some of Our Most Popular Competition Entries

Jean-François Lepage
Recycle: Reimagining Fashion
Welcome to an offbeat universe where cut-up photographs make us daydream...Pictures, both alluring and disquieting, absorb us in a deconstructed world conducive to emotional and physical discoveries.
By Jean François Lepage.
Albarrán Cabrera

In the Mood for Beauty

Photography as a wordless mood, a zen-like state in which one feels connected with the world. Like calligraphy or meditation—a shimmering beauty lies waiting to be discovered. Interview with Albarrán Cabrera. 
Ian Shive

Passionate Living: Photography and the Great Outdoors

Agency founder, conservation photographer, nature lover—Ian Shive offers his perspectives on the photo industry and on how to make a living doing what you love. Interview with Ian Shive.
Risaku Suzuki
Sakura: Time with Cherry Blossoms
The beauty of the sakura lies in the brevity of their blossoming—these simple yet elegant photographs aim to convey not only the flowers' visual delight but a deeper, subtler feeling of presence and the passage of time. By Risaku Suzuki.
The LensCulture Earth Awards 2015 is a worldwide call for photography focused on nature, the environment, wildlife, landscape, conservation, sustainability, and how we live on the planet.  We are awarding $25,000 in cash grants as well as video projections at international photo festivals, visibility with LensCulture Insiders, a Printed Annual and more.
"We believe that everyone has one truly great image in them and we're there to support that."

—Ian Shive, Founder/CEO of Tandem Stills + Motion, Earth Awards Jury Member

The changing fortunes of the Great Egret (Hungary's signature bird) is an environmental protection success story: from only 31 mating pairs in 1921, there are now over 3,000 pairs living today! 

© Zsolt Kudich, Hungary

The Last Tree—today there's only 7% left of the original Atlantic rainforest.
I'm concerned about environment and also about inner peace. I believe our inner peace will bring external peace to the world.

© Alessandro Rodrigues Garofalo, Brazil

In Japan, the lenticular cloud can be seen occasionally at the summit of Mount Fuji. It will change into a variety of shapes over time. This cloud was photographed at sunset.

© Akihiro Shibata, Japan

"Give and Take"

© Levan Macharadze, South Africa

This Week on Instagram

National Geographic contributor and The Photo Society member Gerd Ludwig shares amazing work from around the world—Chernobyl, Salton Sea, Berlin, New Zealand and so much more. 

We invite you to submit your work for selection of the Festival Program of the 11th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops, to be held this year in Siem Reap, Cambodia.The longest-running photography event in Southeast Asia,the weeklong event features exhibitions, outdoor projections, professional workshops, and outreach activities.

The Bayeux-Calvados award for war correspondents rewards reports about a conflict situation or its impact on civilians, or news stories involving the defence of freedom and democracy. The report must have been made between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015. A €7,000 prize is awarded in each category.
The reports must be submitted by June 8, 2015.

Belfast Photo Festival presents a day of one-on-one portfolio reviews with Irish, British and International experts. Through these reviews participants can expect to gain vital feedback on their artistic development, expand their professional networks and exchange ideas. Spaces are limited—sign up now!


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