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Poetic, Romantic and Serenity. Exquisite Works by Liu Maoshan

Liu Mao Shan was born in Suzhou, China in 1942, a well-known landscape artist, member of the Chinese Artists Association, Vice-President of the Suzhou Academy of Chinese Painting and professor of the Art Faculty of Suzhou University.
The most significant achievement about Liu’s works of exotic scenery is not merely about the lively depiction of the landscape, but his utilization of the most important element of Chinese painting, which is making full use if the brushstrokes. This involves applying different brushstrokes according to that particular scene, time and atmosphere, as well as blending the richness of hues, subtle shades of light and delicate emotions seamlessly into the painting. In his works, sketching and delineation ; the ability to summarize and generalize; level of competence in mastering the ink-wash and brushstrokes; and the aura of Eastern beauty are in most marvelous manifestation , altogether with the extraordinary level of expertise.

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