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Quilling It

Colorful Quilled Paper Designs by Sena Runa

Istanbul-based artist Sena Runa first explored the craft of paper quilling three years ago while looking for a hobby to fill her spare time. Runa quickly discovered a talent for color and composition when working with paper and it wasn't long before she began selling pieces online. Her distinct quilling style developed so rapidly she was soon able to quit her job in HR to pursue the craft as a full-time endeavor earlier this year.

Blue Fire Crater: Rivers of Molten Sulphur Flowing Inside an Indonesian Volcano Photographed by Reuben Wu

While on a trip to visit the Ijen and Bromo Tengger Semeru volcanoes in East Java last month, Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu captured the unusual sight of molten sulphur that flows from fumaroles at the base of the Blue Fire Crater at Ijen. The area is usually swarming with tourists, but Wu stayed after sunset until the moon rose to capture these otherworldly images.
 An Impressive Aerial View and Timelapse of Record-Breaking 'Sail Amsterdam' 2015
Billed as the largest free nautical event in the world, Sail Amsterdam is a quinquennial gathering of 600+ boats and tall ships that sail in a circuit in the Netherland's North Sea Canal before mooring in Amsterdam. According to the NL Times a record-breaking 2.7 million people arrived to watch the 2015 edition of the maritime spectacle that included at least 50 tall ships and hundreds of smaller watercraft. This aerial photo and a timelapse filmed by Boyd Baptist really captures the enormity of the event.

Drummer Dario Rossi Uses Buckets, Pans, and Scrap Metal to Make Incredible Live 'Techno' Beats

When thinking about how to produce genres of music like techno, industrial, or trance, the first thing that comes to mind is giant sound systems, laptops, emulators and turntables. What doesn't come to mind is old pots and pans, buckets, chains, and dangerous shards of rusty scrap metal. And yet these are the instruments of choice for musician Dario Rossi who produces some of the most intensely percussive music you could possibly imagine from the hands of a single person.

New Japanese Paper Notebooks Featuring Vintage Science Illustrations Merged with Hand-embroidery

Since we last checked out Athens-based Fabulous Cat Papers they've released a whole new series of notebooks that incorporate vintage science/medical illustrations printed on Japanese paper with hand-stitched embroidery. The notebooks come in a variety of sizes and options for blank, ruled, and graph papers.

Artists Ella & Pitr Paint 21,000 Meter Rooftop Mural in Norway

Ahead of the 15th annual NuArt street art festival opening this weekend in Norway, French artists Ella & Pitr completed work on this absolutely enormous mural on the rooftop of the Block Berge Bygg construction company located in the municipality of Klepp in Rogaland county. The piece is titled "Lilith and Olaf" and depicts a curled up girl with painted toenails dropping a small king from her hand. The work is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of King Olaf I of Norway whose birthplace is just meters from the mural.

EverBlock: Customize your Space With Oversized Modular Lego Bricks

Giant LEGOs for adults? Heck. Yes. EverBlock is a modular building system of giant plastic blocks that can be used to build anything from furniture, walls, shelving, bars, and even entire rooms. Obsessed with LEGO bricks as a child, EverBlock founder Arnon Rosan realized there might be a demand for a functional full-scale building system for personal and industrial purposes.

3Doodler 2.0 Has Arrived at the Colossal Shop

Three years ago we covered the launch of the world's first pen capable of drawing in three dimensions. It was called the 3Doodler and the team at WobbleWorks designed it as a 3D printer that could be used by anyone, requiring zero experience in 3D modelling and no complicated software. The 3Doodler was an enormous success. And now WobbleWorks is back with a brand new design. Smaller, lighter, and utilizing a wealth of new features to create even more mind-blowing three-dimensional doodles, the 3Doodler 2.0 is an absolute game-changer. We liked it so much that we had to have it in The Colossal Shop. What will you create?

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