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52 Highlights from Perpignan, The Colors of the Earth and Dreams Made Visible

52 Highlights from Perpignan, The Colors of the Earth and Dreams Made Visible

Festival: Perpignan 27: Interview with Visa Director Jean-François Leroy

Missing out on this year's edition of Visa Pour l'Image? At least you can enjoy 52 great images from the program and an interview with the legendary festival director who started it all. Interview by Kyla Woods.
In the news: Calais Jungle
Recent large-scale migrations into the UK at the French border crossing have fueled debate in the media — here is a current, detailed look at several of the people risking their lives in search of a better way of life. By Souvid Datta.
From Above: Colors of the Earth
"The colors of the Earth do not only touch our senses, but also tell us something about the creation and texture of the surface of our planet, the Earth's crust and the ground under our feet" — 25 beautiful aerial photographs that show us what remains of our home's pure, unspoilt landscapes. By Bernhard Edmaier.
Book review: Rememories
Surreal and fun — this young French photographer makes the impossible look real, creating landscapes of dreams made visible. Photographs by Maia Flore, review by Rebecca Horne.
Emerging Talent:  Unanswered
Coming face to face with the eternal questions, the unresolvable mysteries—and learning to recognize that some things will remain forever unanswered. By Álvaro Calvo.
Call for Entries: TIME

Photo Kathmandu invites photographers, curators and other practitioners working with photography to submit their works and ideas for digital projections, talks, discussions, performances etc. Works should relate to the theme of TIME. They can be archival, contemporary, or mixed-media.

Deadline: September 15, 2015
Kathmandu, Nepal
Festival: Mois de la Photo Montreal 2015

We are now fully immersed in the second digital revolution, whose instruments are the Internet and the smartphone, whose supports are the web and the personal device. This rigorously curated and provocative festival showcases established and emerging artists who are working at the forefront of photographic practice. Curatorial direction conceived by the great Catalan provocateur, Joan Fontcuberta.

Dates: September 10 - October 11, 2015
Montreal, Canada
Exhibition: Heads Will Roll

The fourth and final installment of Spanish photographer Max de Esteban's challenging Propositions series—a long-term and rigorous investigation of society's embrace of technologies, in particular, the dawn of the bio-cybernetic era.

Dates: September 12 - October 30, 2015
Brooklyn, United States


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