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The (Other) Tip of the Iceberg

A Rare Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica Photographed by Alex Cornell

While on an expedition to Antarctica last month, photographer Alex Cornell witnessed a massive iceberg flip, revealing a strangely translucent blue underside that's completely free of snow and debris. According to Science World, almost 90% of any given iceberg is below the surface, making iceberg flips extremely rare.

Mathematically Precise Kinetic Sculptures and Transformable Objects by John Edmark

John Edmark creates kinetic sculptures rely on excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms to create optical illusions and other unexpected behaviors. Edmark describes these as "instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception."


The Rescued Film Project Discovers 31 Rolls of Undeveloped Film Shot by an Unknown WW2 Soldier

Founded by photographer Levi Bettwieser, the Rescued Film Project obtains unclaimed film rolls from the 1930s to the 1990s and develops them for the first time. Last year at an auction in Ohio, Bettwieser discovered a lot of 31 undeveloped film rolls dating back to WWII with labels including Boston Harbor, La Havre Harbor, and Lucky Strike Camp. After acquiring the rolls of film, he set to work and developed dozens of usable negatives that somehow survived the last 70 years.

Enchanting European Landscapes Inspired by Brothers Grimm Folk Tales Photographed by Kilian Schönberger

Brothers Grimm's Wanderings is the second in a series of European landscape photographs by Kilian Schönberger intended to reflect the feeling of Brothers Grimm folk tales. Schönberger travels to locations around central Europe and imagines what the real-life backdrop of stories like Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, or Snow White would look like.

Your Face in a Vase: Custom 3D-Printed Vessels Containing Multiple Profiles

Currently funding on Kickstarter, Fahz is a concept for a 3d-printed vase that contains multiple profiles of friends or family members embedded at different intervals around the surface of the vessel. The designers have plans to create vases containing up to 16 profiles.

Sinister Architecture Constructed from Archival Library of Congress Images by Jim Kazanjian

Inspired in part by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, artist Jim Kazanjian assembles foreboding buildings using snippets of photographs found in the Library of Congress archives. Equal parts secret lair, insane asylum, and the work of a deranged architect, Kazanjian's collages are created from 50-70 separate photographs taken over the last century.

From the Colossal Shop: Aves Playing Cards by Karina Eibatova and LUX

Produced by LUX Playing Cards, this stunning avian themed deck of cards was hand-drawn and illustrated by Russian artist Karina Eibatova. Card backs feature a whimsical pattern of feathers, while each of the deck's royalty cards display a different bird--from the penguin king of clubs to the swan queen of hearts--all drawn in Karina's delicate, detailed style. The deck's custom tuck case is further embellished with examples of the card art and a raised texture. Printed on premium Bicycle card stock with a linen finish for fine handling.

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