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Planet of Ice

Spectacular Ice Formations Atop a Windswept Mountain in Slovenia

After a long period of pummeling wind, snow, and ice, weather photographer Marko Korosec sensed an opportunity to climb Mount Javornik, part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia and the location of a popular ski center. What he discovered can only be described as otherworldly.

Shadow Knives: Silhouette Artwork Cut from Butcher Knives by Li Hongbo

Artist Li Hongbo recently created a new series of silhouette artworks as part of a solo show at Contemporary by Angela Li in Hong Kong. Each piece is delicately cut from the knife leaving a complementary negative space from which it appears to rise.


Ancient Trees: Beth Moon's 14-Year Quest to Photograph the World's Most Majestic Trees

Criss-crossing the world with stops on almost every continent, San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon has spent the last 14 years seeking out some of the largest, rarest, and oldest trees on Earth to capture with her camera.

Uncanny Moments on the Streets of China Photographed by Water Meter Reader Tao Liu

The 32-year old Tao Liu knows the city of Hefei like his backyard. Since 2005 he's traveled up, down and across the city in Eastern China on his motorbike reading water meters for a local utilities company. The job was tedious, exhausting and unrewarding, until he picked up a camera. For the past 3 years Liu has been capturing these intimate, witty, and humorous street photos of Hefei.

New Meticulously Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White

 New York-based artist Maude White continues to create beautifully rendered illustrations with cut paper, creating dozens of new pieces since we explored her work this summer. White relies heavily on thin lines and negative space to create each illustration, a subtractive process with no room for error; a single bad cut could be fatal to a piece.

Photographer Spends 20 Years Documenting How We All Dress Exactly Alike

People of the Twenty-First Century, a new collection of Dutch photographer Hans Eijeklboom's work, finds incredible commonality amongst us humans. Each section, dated and stamped with Han's location, illuminates a specific theme--from shirtless men on rollerblades to women in pink tank tops.

New in the Colossal Shop: Zip Bags by Winter Session

Our friends at Winter Session are responsible for this attractive and versatile pouch, perfect for organizing all of your essentials. Crafted from sturdy 20 ounce waxed cotton canvas, the Zip Bag is as rugged as it is fashionable. From art supplies to on-the-go neseccities, the Zip Bag carries it all

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