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Vivian Maier Photos & Curator Interview + 8 Great Photo Stories from Around the World

Vivian Maier Photos & Curator Interview + 8 Great Photo Stories from Around the World
Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, Revelation
28 images and an interview with Anne Morin, the curator behind Vivian Maier's
touring exhibition in Europe — of one of the biggest "discoveries of the century" in
Street Photography.
Matrimonial Ties
These metaphoric photo series examine various points of view regarding gay marriage — with the pictures of 'otherness' fluctuating between the poignant, the comic, and a potentially disturbing presence in the domestic space.
By John Paul Evans.

Another Family
A Russian photographer created a firestorm of outrage when she displayed her documentary series about two young drug addicts and their baby living in squalor in a squat in St. Petersburg. By Irina Popova.

Copa na Copa
Pictures of another side of Brazil's most famous beach, Copacabana. By Vitor Sá.

So Near, So Far: Spanish Documentary Photography 1970s - 1980s
For over 30 years, under Franco's rule, the field of Spanish photography languished. Besides official governmental photos (read: propaganda), there was little in the way of authentic, personal explorations of the country through photographs. After his death, a group of photographers sought to change that. Curated by PHotoEspaña.

Bitter Honeydew
Award-winning documentary photographs from Ukraine — Migrants from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia sell fruit and vegetables (among other things) late into the night on the roadsides in Ukraine near the Black Sea, catering to tourists and locals, and fighting off thieves.
By Kirill Golovchenko.
Soccer in Brazil: Art and Happiness
In Brazil, soccer is not only a sport but "an art"— an art that every child is taught almost as soon as they learn to walk. Several Brazilian photographers contribute to this overview of soccer in everyday life.
Curated by Carlos Carvalho.
Art Fare
Art Fairs are like living dioramas — with dramatic lighting, costumes and set designs — where the art world plays itself. By Andy Freeberg.
Preview: 45th Annual Photo Festival in
Arles, France

See our preview picks from one of the longest running photo festivals in Europe.
LensCulture On the Road
CasperThis weekend, meet editor Jim Casper in Dublin during PhotoIreland. Then next week stop by to say hi at the Voies Off Festival Arles, France. LensCulture will be screening award winners and some of our other favorite photography at both festivals.

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