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The Deepest Coffee Table

Layered Glass Table Concept Creates a Cross-Section of the Ocean

Designer Christopher Duff of Duffy London has released concept images of the Abyss Table, a carefully layered table made from sculpted Perspex and wood that creates a geographic cross-section of the ocean.

Art Students Transform an Electrical Tower into a Stained Glass Lighthouse

Back in 2010, a trio of art students from Klasse Löbbert in Germany took it upon themselves to transform a boring electrical tower into a translucent, stained glass installation. Titled Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) the urban artwork in Hattingen, Germany was conceived by Ail Hwang, Hae-Ryan Jeong and Chung-Ki Park, who used cut triangles of Acrylglas to mimic the function of traditional stained glass pieces.

A Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicago's Tallest Buildings

Even by Chicago standards the weather here in the midwestern U.S. has been bizarre and extreme lately. We've seen giant walls of fog caused in part by a bitterly cold winter that chilled Lake Michigan, and numerous lightning storms that last for hours. Local videographer Craig Shimala was filming a timelapse of a derecho from his home this week when he managed to capture a triple lightning strike on three of Chicago's tallest buildings: Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building.

Animal Murals by Fiona Tang Appear to Leap from Gallery Walls

Vancouver-based artist Fiona Tang creates large-scale murals of animals using charcoal, chalk pastel, and acrylic on paper that at first glance appear 3D. Tang makes use of a technique called trompe l'oeil where shadows and perspective within the two dimensional drawing are used to trick the viewer into thinking the piece is three dimensional.

Outbreak: Hand Cut Paper Microbes and Pathogens by Rogan Brown

Artist Rogan Brown just completed work on his latest paper artwork titled Outbreak, a piece he describes as an exploration "of the microbiological sublime." Over four months in the making, the work depicts an array of interconnected sculptures—entirely hand cut from paper—based on the smallest structures found within the human body: cells, microbes, pathogens, and neurons.

New Murals from Etam Cru on the Streets of Oslo and Montreal

Two fantastic new murals today from Sainer and Bezt of Etam Cru. The first, depicting a girl holding birdhouses was completed last month in Montreal as part of the second MURAL Festival. The second, featuring an imaginative boy brushing his teeth, was just completed in Oslo by both Sainer and Bezt.

New in the Colossal Shop: Cosmic Scarves from Slow Factory

You can wear the universe with these fantastic scarves from Slow Factory. The designers use high-resolution photographs released by NASA from several of their space observation projects--including the Hubble Space Telescope--and print them directly onto silk and cotton scarves. The immersive glow of the Tarantula Nebula, the radiance of the RS Puppis star, and the sparkling clouds of the Carina Nebula, are all available on these beautiful silk scarves. See them all at the Colossal Shop.

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