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Expert Advice for Photographers, Amazing New Entries from the Emerging Talent Awards 2014

Expert Advice for Photographers, Amazing New Entries from the Emerging Talent Awards 2014
Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014 Winner
An award-winning series that documents violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These disorienting images vibrate with psychedelic colors to highlight photography's inability to fully communicate the depth of the tragedy. By Richard Mosse.
Street Photography: Seeing the Everyday with an Artist's Eye
Urban street photography that emphasizes strong graphic compositions and playful juxtapositions when photographed from a unique point of view. By Siegfried Hansen.

Huis Marseille
Roger Ballen: "Emerging Photographer" at 
Age 50 — Now a Global Star

Despite a lifelong fascination with photography, Roger Ballen's career and fame didn't take off until after he was 50 years old. He tells his story in this interview. Interview with Roger Ballen.

Advice for Young Photographers (and more) from a Leading Curator
The guest curator of this year's Photomonth Festival in Krakow provides an insider's perspective on current photography — right now. Interview with Aaron Schuman

The unique communal experience offered by well-worn, well-loved library books is quickly disappearing — being replaced by downloads, finger screen-swipes and plastic newness. This series celebrates the beauty of shared books and marks left by their readers. By Kerry Mansfield.
Emerging Talent
$10,000 in Cash Grants • Worldwide Screenings at Photo Events • Global Exposure  
We're now posting several editor's picks each day on Facebook -- generating lots of interest for lots of photographers even before the judging begins. Plus, look out for the weekly Facebook albums - highlighting more entrants at once than ever before. Want to be included? Enter your work now for a shot to be discovered by our 170,000 fans.
Competition is open to ALL types of photography, ALL themes, with NO AGE LIMIT! 

2014 International Jury
Competition Gallery
Enter Now for a Chance of Early Exposure! Final Deadline - June 22, 2014
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What Judges Look for in a Photo Competition
DaphneDaphné Anglès
Picture Editor, The New York Times, Paris

"You need to grab the jurors' attention from the start and hold it firmly through to the last image. Editing is crucial. Each photograph has to be strong and the sequencing needs to make sense, from a story-telling and an aesthetic point of view. Avoid repetitions. You might need to say goodbye to some of your 'darlings'! A good text with the pictures is short, concise, to the point, informed, descriptive. I find it helps to imagine you are speaking to a smart child who would rather be outside playing with friends: you have very little time to tell the story and explain WHY it matters. The same holds true for captions. 1st sentence: describe the image. 2nd sentence: why and how this image fits into the body of work."

WelfordJames Wellford
Photo Editor, Curator, Consultant, Knight-Wallace Fellow, Brooklyn, NY

"Remember the world around your frame needs to be in your frame. A great picture actually distills 360 degrees and condenses space and emotion into an experience that registers long after you look away from the image. Think when you photograph and don't confuse speed with purpose. Finding and capturing these moments means the photographer is always on a path to discovery and this process forms an essential aesthetic and hopefully unique voice. One picture is a piece of a whole and I am forever curious about the many elements (photographs) that create an entire story. Present your work with range and find rhythm that speaks to not only detail in an image but also to an emptiness, one that is full of considerations of consequence. Think metaphorically of the power of music when there is  a beat of silence. Extraordinary photographs know this silent note as well. Remember that a picture is more than punctuation.  Photographs are verbs, active, evolving and always cogitating. What informs a picture is often as important as the picture. When experience and process are powerfully channeled in the photograph(s), the image becomes a portal revealing depth and nuance about moment that reverberates through time."
Photography Events Worth Knowing About
Common Objects by Lewis Baltz
A retrospective of this seminal photographer's work, focusing on his best-known series from The Prototype Works to Nightwatch and examining the key influence of cinema in his photographs.

Showing at Le Bal from May 23 to August 24, 2014.
13th International Festival of Photography
This festival has a bit of everything. The program will feature the work from established greats like Roger Ballen and Volker Hinz as well as work from newer photographers like Philip Toledano and Vincent Fournier. There will be a series of workshops led by Magnum, not to mention countless other events, talks, and screenings.

Running until June 15, 2014 in locations all across the city.
Urbes Mutantes: Latin American Photography 1944-2013
A major survey of photographic movements across all of Latin America. Taking the "mutant," morphing, and occasionally chaotic Latin American city as its focus, the exhibition draws particularly on street photography's depictions of the city.

Running until September 7, 2014 at the ICP.



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