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A Great Interview, 9 Fresh Approaches to Documentary, and New Awards Announced for Photographers

A Great Interview, 9 Fresh Approaches to Documentary, and New Awards Announced for Photographers
Video: Nan Goldin, On Photographing Children
Great Interview: Honest, direct talk about photography and humanity and the innocent beauty of children. From her new book, Eden and After.
Award Winners: 
9 Fresh Documentary Approaches

The IdeasTap Photographic Award is aimed at identifying, showcasing and celebrating documentary photographers. LensCulture is pleased to present the work of all nine finalists.
Experiences of Conflict: 15 Perspectives on War
The Editors of LensCulture compiled 15 articles and portfolios dealing with conflict, war, soldiers, fighters and all of those affected along the way. An interesting overview of various ways photography can convey meaning and emotion.
The Pharmacy of the Third World
While cheap generic drug production in India helps much of the world gain access to life-saving drugs, the lack of local monitoring has created an epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the country, ruining thousands of lives and ripping families apart. By Enrico Fabian
25 Years of Photography: Balkans to USA
A mid-career retrospective in Madrid shows a common thread of 25 years of photography around the world, focusing on the effect of history on everyday life. By Vanessa Winship.

The Dwarf Empire
"Kingdom of the Little People" is a real-life Chinese amusement park and a "philanthropic" endeavor — is it empowering, or a human zoo? By Sanne De Wilde.

Mississippi: The Place I Live
Recording "real life" in small communities throughout Mississippi with black-and-white film and cheap or old cameras — the resulting imperfections, the soft focus and light leaks serve as metaphors for how landscape, race and religion have played a part in the complicated history of Mississippi and still affect lives today. By Betty Press.
Call for Entries – Emerging Talent Awards

New Awards Just Added!
Gala Exhibition in Barcelona for Top 50 Emerging Talents

Emerging Talent 2014 Printed Annual Sent to Insiders
A museum-quality catalogue containing the work of the
Top 50 photographers will be mailed to LensCulture Insiders,
our network of influential photography professionals
including editors, curators, festival directors, publishers,
gallery directors, and related professionals. 
Worldwide Screenings at Photo Festivals & Events

Competition is open to ALL types of photography, ALL themes, with NO AGE LIMIT! 
Enter Now for a Chance of Early Exposure! Final Deadline - June 22, 2014
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ClementsLouise Clements
Artistic Director, QUAD, and FORMAT International Photography Festival,
Derby, United Kingdom

"When judging a photo prize, I am looking for something that I might not have seen before. This can be a subtle nuance or a spectacular revelation. Mainly I want to see something that is genuine and original.

I am interested in all genres and cross-fertilized projects, the key thing is for the work to be fresh and true to the originator and the subject. 

The work should use the photographic medium best suited to the idea whether mobile phone, archive, installation, collage or collodion etc. — use what suits you and the project most effectively."



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