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The Oldest Living Things in the World

The Oldest Living Things in the World
This week: New work from Banksy, gritty cityscapes, and the oldest organisms on Earth.
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Artist Rachel Sussman Photographs the Oldest Living Things in the World before They Vanish

Since 2004, Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Rachel Sussman has researched, collaborated with biologists, and braved some of the world's harshest climates from Antarctica to the Mojave Desert in order to photograph the oldest continuously living organisms on Earth.

New Murals from Banksy

After a brief hiatus from his whirlwind New York residency last October, Banksy emerged with at least two new pieces over the weekend. Mobile Lovers depicts two lovers basking in the glow of their mobile devices. The piece appeared on Banksy's website and is presumably located somewhere in the UK. Click through to check out the second piece.


The Mesmerizing Gifs of Graphonaute

Science student Hugo Germain (aka. Graphonaute) is just 18 years old, but crates animations and visual effects that seem well beyond his years. Though animation is not his primary focus, Germain spends his spare time mixing live action footage with various 3D tools to create quirky visual effects and experiments.

Reflected Landscapes by Victoria Siemer

In this recent series of digital artworks, Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer begins with dreamy landscapes of mountainous forests shrouded in fog and clouds and then inserts giant reflective fragments that rise from the ground. The inversed image creates the uncanny effect of a monolithic mirror that towers over the photograph like a kind of portal.

Gritty New Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann

It's almost impossible to select a favorite piece when looking at paintings by San Francisco painter Jeremy Mann. Each of his works seem so wholly genuine, a mix of mystery and grit that brings a sublime light to iconic cities like New York and San Francisco.

Gargantuan Street Murals by Aryz

If you're trying to find the globe-trotting Spanish street artist Aryz, you'll have to look up. Because in whatever city he happens to be in, the prominent artist will typically be hoisted 100ft above street level converting large building facades into public canvases.

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