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Announcing the Winners & Finalists: LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014

Announcing the Winners & Finalists: LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014

Photographers from over 80 countries participated in our search for The New Photographic Portrait, and our international jury found an amazingly accomplished and diverse selection.

The photographers presented here hail from 17 countries, and were chosen after reviewing literally thousands of photographs sent in from around the world — each has a wonderful story to tell.  Click through to see the full-screen slideshows.
LCEA 2013 1st prize
1st Prize - Marius Schultz
Norway, from the series "First There Was Nothing"
LCEA 2013, 2nd & 3rd prize
2nd Prize - Hossein Fatemi
Iran, from the series "Veiled Truths"
3rd Prize - Tsutomu Yamagata
Japan, from the series "Thirteen Orphans"

1st Prize:

Clare Benson
United States

From the series
"The Shepherd's Daughter"


2nd Prize:
Marc Thirouin

From the series
"Las Mujeres"


3rd Prize:
Ulrik Tofte

From the series
"The Key is not to Blink"

LCEA 2013 Finalists
Finalists (in alphabetical order):  Kevin Barton,Tony Corocher, Tommaso Del Croce, Sebastian Cvitanic, K.K. Depaul, Ion Dikaiasos, Enrico Fabian, Hans Gindlesberger, Justin Gonyea, Vincent Gouriou, Tatiana Grigorenko, Jessica Todd Harper, Aoife Herrity, Youngho Kang, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Tuva Kleven, Coco Martin, Isabel M. Martinez, Mimi Mollica, Nina Roeder, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Delphine Schacher, Brian Shumway, Sebastiano Tomada, Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

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