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information aesthetics

Posted: 24 Feb 2014 12:50 PM PST
Do you know what correlation, variance, frequency distributions, sampling and standard errors are? If not, you now have to chance to learn each of these statistical concepts via the medium of... modern dance.
Initiated by Lucy Irving (Middlesex University) and Andy Field (University of Sussex), who, the project "Communicating Psychology to the Public through Dance" was funded by BPS Public Engagement with additional funding attracted from IdeasTap.
It consists of 4 YouTube movies that present several rather complicated psychological constructs and statistical procedures by a series of gracious and well-coordinated dancing gestures (together with some inevitable powerpoint-based textual explanations). The expectation is that, as well as being fun and educational, these films will demystify and take some of the fear out of statistics, by demonstrating that thinking about them in new ways may make them easier to comprehend.
Watch the 4 movies below.

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