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Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons

A Week of Visual Ingenuity

Disarm: A Mechanized Orchestra of Instruments Built from Decommissioned Weapons

As part of his ongoing effort to transform weapons into musical instruments, artist Pedro Reyes constructed this fully mechanized orchestra from a variety of pistols, shotguns, and rifles seized from drug cartels in Mexico. All of the instruments are controlled by computers. In this video from the Creator's Project you can watch the orchestra play and listen to Pedro describe how he "transforms negative instincts into creative instincts."

Realistic Color Drawings of Everyday Objects by Marcello Barenghi

Using colored pencils and the occasional marker or watercolor, Italian artist Marcello Barenghi creates these hyperrealistic drawings of ordinary objects. Very subtle stylistic choices by the artist set these drawings apart from other drawings of this type, making them less of a "trick." Barenghi documents the process involved in almost all of his drawings on his YouTube channel.


The Black and White Photography of Benoit Courti

Three years ago Benoit Courti decided to shift his career from music to photography. Since then he has produced a range of images that fall all over the spectrum, from dark and brooding portraits to light, atmospheric shots of animals.

Six Great New Art Books

Over the last few months several artists who have appeared on Colossal, including Candy Chang, Matt W. Moore, Christopher Boffoli, and many others, have created or been featured in some really great books. You can find links to all of the books here.

Ballpoint Barber: A Stop-Motion Reverse Haircut by Peter Simon

The battle of the shaving/haircut videos continues! Peter Simon was inspired by an old magnetic Wooly Willy toy to create this awesome stop-motion reverse haircut video. Simon was the creator of a video called Trim from 2011 which may have been the inspiration for Ben Garvin's Magic Beard a few weeks ago. Are we witnessing the birth of a new genre?

High Speed Photographs of Ink Mixing with Oil by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso, the Italian master of high speed liquid photography, created these fascinating images by dropping mixtures of ink into a container of oil and then flipping the image upside down. Many more photos from this series, titled Dropping, can be seen here.

Drawing with Paper: Amazing Papercraft from Lobulo Design

Anatomy, the natural world, and pop culture. It seems nothing is off limits for London-based designer Lobulo. All of these vibrant designs are created entirely from paper.

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