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If Salvador Dalí Was A Ceramicist

If Salvador Dalí Was A Ceramicist


Melting Ceramics by Livia Marin

We've all been through that awful moment of watching a cup or plate tumble to the floor. We've all waited in horrible anticipation for the crash as it shatters into tiny little pieces. Artist Livia Marin has a wholly different demise in mind for the ceramic bowls, tea pots, and cups in her Nomad Patterns series.

Stunning Aerial Flyover of Niagara Falls in a Quad-Copter [VIDEO]

Usually when someone talks about going over Niagara Falls their vehicle of choice is a barrel. But YouTube user questpact decided to take his DJI Phantom quad-copter and a GoPro Hero 3 camera. This incredible video is the beautiful result.

Architectural Columns at the Palais de Tokyo Explode into Organic Forms

Recently installed at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris by artist Henrique Oliveira, Baitogogo is a twisted perspective on a buildings most ordinary feature. Structural supports and columns bend into strange, organic shapes giving off a chaotic sense of life. Nevertheless, the installation seems to resolve into a kind of tightly compressed order reminiscent of a molecular model, perhaps revealing some of the inspiration Oliveira says he finds in natural structures such as tumors. 


Pardon my Dust: The Chalk Art of Peter Han [VIDEO]

If you ever had a teacher that completely ruined chalkboards for you, designer Peter Han might be able to fix that. As the instructor of a class called Dynamic Drawing, Han teaches his students to embrace the impermanence of chalk and the freedom to make mistakes. Beyond that awesomeness, Han's chalk drawings are remarkably detailed and absolutely worth a look.    


Not Your Average Drawing of a Rock: Colorful Riverbeds Drawn with Pencil by Ester Roi

Everyone has a drawer stuffed with old, forgotten colored pencils. After seeing what Ester Roi is capable of producing with those same pencils, it might be time to rummage for a pencil sharpener.   


Edible Solar Systems Back in Stock

Solar System Lollipops are back in stock and now you can choose from four flavors: guava, marshmallow, blackberry, and cherry. Each ten-piece set comes with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (yes, Pluto! Take that astronomers!) Lollipops are individually wrapped in a clear plastic so you can check out the solar system even if you aren't hungry. 

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