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Bring a Parachute

Bring a Parachute

Tomás Saraceno Launches You into the Sky with His Latest Suspended Installation "In Orbit" at K21 Staendehaus

In Orbit
Tomás Saraceno's newest installation is part spider-web, part neural pathway. Visitors to the installation enter a network of safety nets suspended more than 65 feet above the museum floor at K21 Staendehaus. Saraceno consulted with arachnologists (folks who study spiders), architects, and engineers throughout the process of creating "In Orbit." The result is an interactive space where communication is explored through motion.

Art of the Brick: Nathan Sawaya's LEGO Solo Show in New York

Yup, those are the same LEGOs you have buried in your closet. But these sculptures, created by Devon Sawaya, more than live up to their billing as "the world's biggest and most elaborate display of LEGO art ever."
Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe [Video]
Kinetic Sculptures
The intricacy of these kinetic sculptures by Anthony Howe is absolutely astonishing. Set spinning by the slightest breeze, the motion of Howe's sculptures is as graceful and beautiful as it is unbelievable.

3D Ship Drawn on Three Flat Sheets of Paper by Ramon Bruin

3D Ship
Don't worry, you haven't slipped into an alternate universe where three-dimensional objects pop out of flat surfaces. This is actually a skewed drawing by Ramon Bruin done on three sheets of flat paper.

New Light Paintings by Darren Pearson

Light Paintings
Check out the latest long-exposure light paintings from Darren Pearson featuring dinosaurs and skeletal skateboarders.  

Rouleaux: Anastassia Elias' New Book of Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Rouleaux 2
The creator of these ever popular paper dioramas constructed inside of toilet paper tubes, Anastassia Elias, has announced the release of a new book. Rouleaux will feature 67 works from Elias spanning 2009-2012. 

Embossed Metro Cuffs from the Colossal Shop

Metro Cuffs
Metro Cuffs by Design Hype Inc. are probably the coolest way to figure out which train you need to take. Whether you're on the Chicago El, the Paris Metro, the London Tube, or the New York City subway, these bracelets have you covered. Maps are embossed in black on a matte stainless steel surface. Cuffs measure 2.5" in diameter and 2" in width. 

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