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Din "Die Weltwoche"

With a certain resignation to God's will, Eugen Sorg observes religion's return to Europe. "The Pope is enjoying audiences of an unprecedented scale. The grave of his Polish predecessor and miracle sites such as Lourdes are being visited by record numbers, the budget of the Holy Seat is enjoying unprecedented profits, the church collection income has doubled... Maybe postmodern Europe will go down in history as a brief, unique moment of free-spiritedness and frivolous godlessness. In part for demographic reasons: religious milieus generate children, while rich, agnostic societies such as Europe's tend to gentrify. And in part because skepticism and irony, the instruments of dissection preferred by intellectuals, don't warm most people's hearts. Just as little as the theory of the big bang or the discovery of protein molecules, which don't satisfy the need for meaning or provide a sense of collective identity or assuage our fear of death."

Die Weltwoche

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