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I wonder what the Enlightenment people would call a "Left" that's authoritarian, repressive, disciplinarian, and despotically normative.
Or maybe that's what the "left" has always been about.


Dinica Roman

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Jérémie Amsallem
Jérémie Amsallem That's what the left has always been about. Repressing those who disagree, brainwashing those who can be brainwash. And most important : destroying free speech.

André Bartholomeu Fernandes
André Bartholomeu Fernandes destroying the free civilization. But with now another aggravant : they are supporting the settlement of muslims fundamentalists in each country that eventually will end up in a pretty nasty violent conflict. Then the RIGHT will be called to clean up the mess. It would be funny if not that bad.

Jérémie Amsallem
Jérémie Amsallem I fully agree.

Joash Bekele
Joash Bekele Yea like the great generation and defeating fascism wasn't a thing.

Greg Sheppard
Greg Sheppard Has it? I do wonder what world you come to us from where that's true cause it's not this one.

Also destroying free speech has been a traditionally right wing interest and still is.

Richard E Fox
Richard E Fox How can we talk about defeating fascism and ignore the Maoists and Soviets, who were so much worse.

Not a good place for a blind spot.

Jérémie Amsallem
Jérémie Amsallem Political Correctness is the best example of it. Silencing your opponent by name calling them of every "ism" there is in the world. That's modern fascism, whether you like it or not Greg.

Dayton Jobgen
Dayton Jobgen what's even worse they don't even have any solutions.

Nosherwan Yasin
Nosherwan Yasin The "Enlightenment people"? You mean the enlightenment people who forcibly colonized the known world, robbing and enslaving entire populations? The same people who proclaimed that the darker the skin the dumber the man? Ya, I really don't care what they thought of the authoritarian left. They probably would have laughed in your face Nassim for considering yourself anything more than a savage. But go ahead and group those fighting for a living wage with brutal despots, if it makes you feel better about the current rise of neofascism and the alt-right.
Pietro Bonavita
Pietro Bonavita You are an idiot and a fool: ignorant of history and conflating a legion different phenomena in your stereotyped view of the West which is not a iota less racist than those you condemn

Nosherwan Yasin
Nosherwan Yasin the depth of your counter argument is extremely shallow. I only compare the enlightenment people to their own principles (after having read them and the history of their conquests). Positioning them as the wise judges for a caricatured generalization of the left is what is idiotic and foolish. You are defending a mythology not "enlightenment ideals".

Kevin Pham
Kevin Pham I was at the Berkeley Riot. The violence was almost exclusively the work of Black Bloc Anarchists. Although it should be noted that the Berkeley students protesting fed off it and did little to stop it.

Tommy Garabedian-Cone
Tommy Garabedian-Cone I'm very curious about your last sentence. All of the news sources were quick to point out that they believe a "minority group of 150 or so we're responsible for the destruction" out of 2000 or so peaceful protests. But there was no self policing within their group and I feel like many were still supportive of the violence, which tells me they support the radical tactics used but are just afraid to voice it.

Paul James
Paul James Dude, I'm starting to think you wouldn't know an anarchist if it bit you on the nose, and I am sure that bunch of violent idiots you're talking about wouldn't.

Pietro Bonavita
Pietro Bonavita Useful idiots.

Dayton Jobgen
Dayton Jobgen Well they were waving the red & black flag, which is an anarcho-syndalist flag. I agree most those idiots would not even know who Kropotkin, Bakunin or Makhno were.

Maximilian Hirner
Maximilian Hirner Dayton Jobgen Would that help much?

Maximilian Hirner
Maximilian Hirner Tommy Garabedian-Cone Again Nassim Nicholas Taleb's minority rule...

Uzer Khan
Uzer Khan Sir, are you partisan or just observing? I'm not entirely sure what you mean especially in light of the American and European right's recent history but would love the learn and read more. Thank you!

Philip Preston
Philip Preston 'Left' and 'right' appear to have changed their brands somewhat.

I'd say that if you are dead set on replacing culture with law, you're going to need a lot of law.

Frank Tatom
Frank Tatom Winning by persuasion is a lost art, as it requires, on both sides, listening, tolerance of contrary ideas, and the ability to cogently defend one's own beliefs. Those who wonder how much of that has been lost in our country should view the Panama Canal debate that was on national television (CBS, I think) in the 1970's. Reagan and William F. Buckley took contrary positions on the issue, if I recall correctly.

Jaanus Vogelberg
Jaanus Vogelberg The antifa movement is not interested in persuasion. The way they are set up is basically anti-PR. scaring away anyone except a small minority that like the aesthetic. That's also why they will never accomplish anything and are not a credible threat to any power structure like, for instance, communists.

Karen Windahl Finnigan
Karen Windahl Finnigan The identity politics of right and left serve no practical purpose. The historic hard left has been very anti-capitalist and was authoritarian. Difficult to compare it with the modern left which is against authoritarianism and seeks to reform capitalism not abolish it. The hard right of Trump is to abolish traditional government and replace it with a corporate structure that looks at America as a corporation and not at individual welfare. When he talks about jobs he sounds like a man who believes we are still living in the Industrial Age and workers work in factories and not in lines of desks coding for Google. So many wrongly call people who work in offices the elite. The elite are the billionaires not the 'knowledge workers'.
Daryl Roberts
Daryl Roberts nonsense hypothetical. anti authoritarian authoritarians, repressive abolitionsists....this is the kind of hobgoblin you're on a mission about? for such a genius, you can sure be pointlessly obtuse sometimes

Daniel Bernoulli
Daniel Bernoulli The italian history of anarchism is full of contrasts with the left on this ground. Iirc some have also been killed by communists.
Unfortunately this problem allows american neo-"libertarians" to present themselves as the reasonable alternative (while it's again just anarcho-capitalism, the despotism of the most powerful).
What are the way outs of this riddle? Nudging/libertarian paternalism is not enough, some sort of humility and community involvement are needed too. European social democracies have been a good solution for a while, but they're being overtaken by such authoritarian left...
Lao Tse also wrote about this riddle too.

Russell Smith
Russell Smith What's fun in these debates is identifying verbal artifacts like "mass torture" in their arguments to describe an opposing idea (right wing). Assuming a definition of the word, not in context to history (Equivocation?). So a self-ascribed intellectual, engineers or subscribes to a social/political academic theory and begins applying it to real world interactions, turning it into a dogma. There doesn't seem to be any compartmentalization for theory and empiricism, and they live in some skewed alternate reality of their own creation. They don't see their own hypocrisy due to their dogmatic belief that "I f-ing love science!", while burning and bashing their ideas into peoples heads.

Curtis Lewis
Curtis Lewis Wow; Shocked. So going to bed with a singular perspective has now replaced skepticism and examination. I can appreciate solving a problem and the need to stop questioning that there is a problem but such an ugly blanket statement shows the lack of intellectuality amongst your flock of so called free thinkers. In the flawed world of Right and Left I proudly stand left of what is now called Right. When the right comes back to earth maybe I will find myself inside that group again. My stance will likely not have changed but theirs. The real problem with the Right is they are not informed as to what the Left is. The left is struggling with multi culturalism and science. It does make a huge mistake that had me find You Mr Taleb, it holds up one truth as the only one until displaced. However the right seems to have shut down the inquiry for facts and truth. Well even you are only apart of a line that is neither straight or with out flaw. I am a "fix from with in" guy. Not demolition. Ultimately the numbers bare out success however we can and will do better. Of course closing our eyes is a danger. I support the Rights right to fear and loathing as a tool. When i need to put a nail in a fence I want a hammer. They are a hammer. But when I want to design a fence I do want artist and engineers then an on sight manager to work through the problems of real world terrain and an army of executers to get the job done. No true artist can survive inside the close world of Rightest thinking.

Ricky Saini
Ricky Saini They would try to lead them to the correct version of left, and convince them with all their profundity, Volatire, Rousseau, and all the damn leftists in the next century too, but when the day of reckoning finally came, The four horseman that THE LORD ...See More

Barry Van Clief
Barry Van Clief The Left has always been about authority, conformity and force. It's what collectivism is. It was no accident that the French Revolution began with a Reign of Terror.

Ernest Boehm
Ernest Boehm If you are burning things to repress free speech than you are against free speech. I think it is time to call a fraud a fraud. If one man uses words rather than his fist, than he is speaking, you do not have to like his speech. Free speech is often non popular speech. If you are burning and pillaging than your are practicing a thuggish form of speech, the Greeks called such action Barbarous, a person who can only communicate in a uncivilized manner.

James Biles
James Biles Actually there is little difference between the true extreme left and the true extreme right. We in the United States argue over the finer points of what is really the middle of the possibilities.

Roderiko Kampen
Roderiko Kampen Jacobian terror?
My solution is to check criteria of fascism (e.g. Paxton's 'The Anatomy of Fascism') and then to conclude that a lot that is called 'left' is in fact truly fascist/ultraright. The USSR was not a communist state, it was a pure fascist state. The DPRK is not a communist state, let alone a democratic state, et cetera.

Pietro Bonavita
Pietro Bonavita No true Scotsman!

Carmen-Maria Hetrea
Carmen-Maria Hetrea I asked the same question just yesterday... However, I then found out that there are different brain structures in the anatomy underlying the thinking process. It's dangerous when we see the world via one-dimensional categorization and labels and not based on intrinsic semantics and multi-dimensional ontological mapping. I discovered neuroeconomics AND that helped me understand how brain structures differ and can make us default to a herd mentality unless we are aware of the need to overwrite it as independent thinkers.

Heather McElroy
Heather McElroy Isn't the whole left/right two party system an example of a ludic falacy?... maybe I'm misunderstanding your concepts.... I.e: let's play a game were there are two teams, etc. Personally I call myself a 'moderate' - with the over reaching concept being 'we are all actually in this together, so let's make this work' - but I tend to be oddly detached from competition and social grouping based on arbitrary labels.

Eirini Psalti
Eirini Psalti It is not about left or right. It is about which side takes over the power and pushes for space. For some reason whenever the balance of power changes the "newcomer" tries to assert its power over the opppsition. For years the "Enlightened" ones would call conservatives and liberals anything from nazis to idiots becoming themselves the oppressors. Now it is the other way around and suddenly the voices that were silenced for so long find their way. Buckle up. It will be a bumpy ride, hopefully to a more liberal and balanced society (history says otherwise but we like to be hopeful)

John Fry
John Fry Left can be fascist too. Hitler was a vegetarian. Watch out for anyone who wants to tell you what to do 100% of the time for your own good.

Paolo Carlo Gaglianò
Paolo Carlo Gaglianò literally the best comment here :D !

Thomas W Choate
Thomas W Choate I can't believe you would confuse Hillary for the left! (or Trump for the right). Disappointed, but that's life. Hillary was a corporatist with a "blue veneer".

Ernest Boehm
Ernest Boehm I think people want to dance, if you are afraid to let someone speak because you fear their argument and wont allow discourse than you are against free speech independent of political leanings. Also you are all talking about UC-B, if a university invites someone and then you let your students attach them than you have also violated the oldest idea of the Mediterranean world the sanctity of being a host, a sacred thing protected by non-other than Zeus. To be a poor host brings ruin to your house.

Ray Halpin
Ray Halpin The hard left and the far right are effectively inseparable, in terms of what they do to the fortunes of ordinary working people. What we're witnessing now in the growth of left and right wing populism, is the thesis and antithesis of a new historical synthesis, one that will eradicate the Corbyns and Trumps of our world, reform Arts Departments on university campuses, and dispense with the terrible scourge of identity politics, in which the left idealizes the identity of the inwardly migrating 'other', and the right idealizes the identity of the native. Good riddance to both of them.

Maximilian Hirner
Maximilian Hirner That sounds very Hegelian...

Ray Halpin
Ray Halpin It was supposed to sound ironically Marxian.

Darshi Saket
Darshi Saket And left has created the liberal arts education system so they have the continuous supply of both manpower and money. Proletarians pay 10s of thousands of dollars to get "educated" in the propaganda and in return get "college degree". They have no skill to be productive member of society and hence become the automatic ever ready manpower when left elite need a quick commotion on streets.

Gregory Marek
Gregory Marek A liberal arts education is rooted in the enlightenment and classical liberalism. Skills to be a productive member of society are constantly evolving and what may be considered practical and productive skills may be irrelevant later. Just look at the Luddites who felt threatened by technological advances. A proper liberal arts education is about adaptability and critical thinking.

Darshi Saket
Darshi Saket "considered practical and productive skills may be irrelevant late" this is what I meant. Today as it is, Liberal Arts is just a propaganda machine without having any ability to be productive member of society unless you consider a serious time and money investment to become a barista a productive contribution also. i.e. in todays world it is not relevant. There might come a time when it becomes a backbone again.

Idan Solon
Idan Solon If leftists were legitimately responsible for the riots at UC-Berkeley, they represent far less than 1% of all Berkeley students and an even smaller fraction of the US left. Let's not talk like they are representative of either group. Do terrorists represent all Muslims? Do Nazis represent all Christians? Come on now.

Gregory Marek
Gregory Marek I have liberal friends who attended to protest and according to their experience "blac block" anarchists incited much of the chaos. More than likely the extreme elements were not even students as the SF Bay Area is rife with political activists from all walks of life (who aren't afraid to express their opinions).

Tommy Garabedian-Cone
Tommy Garabedian-Cone I suspect this too. However it still seems that the "blac block" were tolerated and enabled to some extent by the "peaceful left" in attendance.

Rabea Chaudhary
Rabea Chaudhary Doesn't that suggest leftists are actually tolerant?

Delshad Rashid
Delshad Rashid Socialism is rooted in Human evolutionary is right the poor dye , because they don't earn sufficient money to pay for treatment. you just stand by and let them dye.

Nassem. ..I think you suffer from intellectual narcissism.

Richard Saloom
Richard Saloom It has always been about that, look at what happened after the original left took power in France, one of the most civilized countries in the world plunged into pure barbarism

Jim Bray
Jim Bray As a lifelong active participant I can say that the Left used to be about the opposite of what it is now. Take antiglobalisation for example: that was Left and Libertarian until recently, now it is Right and Libertarian and the Left is nothing but TPP Clinton restauration revanchists. Generally anything what used to be the Left, Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan agreed about was solid gold policy, and there was quite a bit.

Ray Yukich
Ray Yukich Popper: ""Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them."

Stephen H Fisher
Stephen H Fisher The only thing the comments on the thread prove is the hollow fragility of the words "left" and "right", as if both aren't run by power seeking hypocrites trying to optimize their abstracted team score.

And this is game we use to decide who controls the nuclear weapons?

Maybe we should cut our losses and just flip a coin instead.

Elisabeth Thompson
Elisabeth Thompson What's now so nonchalantly called Nazi party was officially the "National Socialist German Workers' Party ". That makes Hitler a socialist, not a fascist........
Gregory Marek
Gregory Marek A socialist can be a fascist but a fascist may not necessarily be a socialist. Fascism is a political ideology and socialism is an economic ideology.

Elisabeth Thompson
Elisabeth Thompson If only everybody was educated..........

Vilgot Huhn
Vilgot Huhn

An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring…

Jay Bower
Jay Bower It always starts out as socialist or communist, and devolves into authoritarianism and fascism (which, in a nutshell, is like a group of bundled branches, equal and acting as one)

Logan Brain
Logan Brain The Left's legitimization of political violence is a more recent development in America. There's a growing sense that it's okay to assault someone or destroy property because so-and-so said something mean. This mindset exists not only among balaclava clad screamers, but is being favorably "discussed" by outlets as prominent as the New York Times. Classical liberalism is dead.

Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers Enlightenment people (the traditional "Left") would rightly call the "Left" so defined as bloody tyrants, as complete dumb asses
who need to be treated with the same degree as severity as they treat others. But the "Left" so defined was not the Left of the Enlightenment: those who fought for individual rights, limited and representative government, equal opportunity, and the just and reasonable demands of the truly disadvantaged.

A more important question: what would be the party of Enlightenment for a time such as ours? Where is the party that limits the unjust powers and enrichment of money/debt and technology on the one hand, and on the other hand also limits the unjust powers and enrichment of the bureaucratic state? Where is the party that rightly sees how free markets and the welfare state can complement each other (not replace each other!) in a way so the choice is neither the slavery of the rat race nor the slavery of building pyramids?

Mahesh Kulkarni
Mahesh Kulkarni Right from the days of Maximillian Robespierre the left had unleashed great tyranny. Left is called left probably because it's never right on anything.

Mike Heath
Mike Heath Or maybe a two-sided left/right dichotomy isn't fully capable of capturing nuanced political thought. Although I respect and admire your work, your comment is surprisingly ignorant.

Ronan Isn't it just experimental trolling?

Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira Long life to the Comrade s or to who even do not got a idea of what its this however like to smoke pipe s and its their freedom concept ... such its true the idiots are see a comment in this tip of post and start to do games in the news feed cowards. Only talk of others when some desire to do it please look here self to a mirror about the way we are in Europe or I am still there who dont like can go.

Enzo D. Lamberti
Enzo D. Lamberti My personal view: right conquers people over "fear", left conquers people over "justice"

Jérémie Amsallem
Jérémie Amsallem Depending which right you're talking about. The left plays a lot on fear too. If you listen too them Trump is literally Hitler, that's a way for them to create fear and to use this fear.

Eliott Kroll
Eliott Kroll The American left is a fear hysteria machine. Sure, the right likes bombing people just the same as the left, but they don't get away with the same fear mongering that the left does.

Enzo D. Lamberti
Enzo D. Lamberti Jérémie Amsallem My point relates more to which instinct the two political orientations appeal to - also, allows me to operate my personal distinction between left and right

Dayton Jobgen
Dayton Jobgen The left use fear as much as the right-wing does.

Alcides Carvalho
Alcides Carvalho The left conquers out of resentment but uses the rhetoric of "justice" as a cover.

Alcides Carvalho
Alcides Carvalho The left conquers out of resentment but uses the rhetoric of "justice" as a cover.

Enzo D. Lamberti
Enzo D. Lamberti Alcides Carvalho retorica, yes!

Deacon Enoch Elias
Deacon Enoch Elias Jeff Riggenbach makes the most sense of this issue that even many libertarians muddy. Progressives have never been on the left. They are squarely on the right with conservatives. The left right paradigm is grounded in power and control. The more state power one wants centralized, the more right one is. The more state power one wants decentralized, the more left one is - until one reaches anarchy. Bastiat was sitting on the left when the term was coined.

Alessandro Gimona
Alessandro Gimona Social democracies are a happy place to live, it appears. So this version of " left " seems to strike a good balance betwen individual rights and public duties.

Maximilian Hirner
Maximilian Hirner How is this calculated?

Brent Halonen
Brent Halonen Read the history. They've always been thugs. 7 prisoners in the Bastille.

Brian van der Spuy
Brian van der Spuy It seems to me the main political division is not between left and right so much as between authoritarian and libertarian.

Andrew Batishchev
Andrew Batishchev The Enlightenment is yet to come. We are still in feudalism 2.0, the corporative kind.

Christian Jones
Christian Jones When do the right ever try to stop people speaking at universities?

Dave Tucker
Dave Tucker Neither side has any principles. Both just want to rule the world, by any means necessary.

Andrew Maynez
Andrew Maynez Leftists are not liberals. True liberalism is freedom and liberty. Modern leftism is 1984.

Tim Burbeck
Tim Burbeck I look at ultimate conclusion, politically throughout history, of Leftism and that clears it up for me.

Tane Cuppa T Aotearoa
Tane Cuppa T Aotearoa So what does the Right represent? This current 🎃government seem to tick all the boxes you mentioned.

Assen Kanev
Assen Kanev In 1930s they self-described as communist, fascist or national-socialist.

Oleg Desh
Oleg Desh We remember what left was 100 years ago when they destroyed Russia.

Andrea Canessa
Andrea Canessa I respect the old left, about the " new" one I can only be disgusted

Mike Amendola
Mike Amendola Better understanding the distinctions between fascism and socialism.

Peter Retief
Peter Retief The self righteous left despots preach their gospel and viciously attack any question of their obvious hypocrisy

Doug Jones
Doug Jones I from Texas and I'll tell you the "right" down there is the same as the radical "left". But don't tell them that!

Tracy Kolenchuk
Tracy Kolenchuk Left and Right are like East and West, if you go too far in either direction, you arrive at the same location.

Alan Haynes
Alan Haynes Didn't many on the right consider Obama to be authoritarian, perhaps even much more so than Trump?

Michael Balog
Michael Balog "Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed." - Bruce Springsteen 1.0

Eric Dake
Eric Dake It's a medium for people with cluster 'B' personality disorders to express their id

Chris González
Chris González The "Left" is becoming anti-fragile. See Women's March and demonstrations around the U.S. and the world.

Mourad Belmrissi
Mourad Belmrissi Too much left..will touch the extrem right :))

Killian Denny
Killian Denny There's always been an authoritarian left as well as an authoritarian right...There's also always been a liberal left and a liberal right.

Ciaran Corr
Ciaran Corr "I have always said, the first Whig was the Devil" - Samuel Johnson. There ye go so!

Chad Monnin
Chad Monnin Strange things happen when one places the burden of saving the world on their shoulders.

Jaanus Vogelberg
Jaanus Vogelberg All those descriptors point to not being able to tolerate volatility.

Claude Ghendrih
Claude Ghendrih Well the sentence works exactly the same with right in place of left, and one should admit that in a topological sense establishing a worth gradient between those two terms sounds necessarily like nonsense. However I do entertain the idea that those...See More

Michael Panayotou
Michael Panayotou Fascists. They're not any different than the so-called "right-wing 'fascists.'"

Chris Ionescu
Chris Ionescu "Liberte, fraternite, egalite" zero out of three ain't bad, this is not a debate! :)

Jerome Gill
Jerome Gill It's about time you joined Gad Saad or Dave Rubin for a chat! You never know you might even enjoy it!

Raymond Fry Mea-Burger
Raymond Fry Mea-Burger They'd have little interest in "Left". They're only concerned with your enlightenment.

Dobroslav Bakalov
Dobroslav Bakalov Bolsheviks were too left and had the same description,the difference - they didn't make much use of human rights

Viktoria Dzielak
Viktoria Dzielak The real meaning of liberal and democratic has been hijacked by the group of powerful people with special interests.

Demos Kyprianou
Demos Kyprianou The New far left went so left that it is the same as the far right fascists.

Fernando Lima
Fernando Lima It's enough reading what Sir Roger Scruton has written about Antonio Gramsci

Dana Dana
Dana Dana Hmm, you don't know. Ask me living in former comunist country.

Larry Wen
Larry Wen Better that the World moves towards describing tribes. Left/Right are tired cliches.
Sotirios Avramiotis
Sotirios Avramiotis Most of all, a Left that would take a bite at any bait the Right throws at it

Alx Walson
Alx Walson Bipolar paintings of 4D life.

Dave Cell
Dave Cell That IS what the Left has always been about. A brief glance at history shows it.

Andreas Ka
Andreas Ka The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists / Churchill

André Bartholomeu Fernandes
André Bartholomeu Fernandes FASCISM is a LEFTIST MOVEMENT ALL THE WAY!

Eric Weyenberg
Eric Weyenberg the left, what does that even mean? words don't mean the same thing to different people, what's a Liberal? This?

Vitaly Sorkin
Vitaly Sorkin Despotic Left and Despotic Right use the same tools

Nick Riviera
Nick Riviera Will Wright. Taleb gets involved!

Brent Caldwell
Brent Caldwell What exactly do you mean by "the Left?"

Maurizio Piglia
Maurizio Piglia A good question....

Cristiano Nisoli
Cristiano Nisoli The second one you said

Richard Boychuk
Richard Boychuk Only the dead know.
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips Always been since Rousseau & Robespierre

Adam Potts
Adam Potts "Progressive"

Guido Gothenburg
Guido Gothenburg Really, leftists in America? Are you dreaming?

Yau Kwan Kiu
Yau Kwan Kiu Leftards!

Val Zomorrodian
Val Zomorrodian It is called "Liberal Fascism!"

Jeffrey Hill
Jeffrey Hill Royalist

Rob Trevena
Rob Trevena Populist

Doki Tops
Doki Tops Feels a bit like a troll post tbh

Daniel Obloja
Daniel Obloja Dogmatic.

Dmitry Mitrofanov
Dmitry Mitrofanov They would call them "regressives"!

Baal Nickmann
Baal Nickmann The other "right".

Matthew Gill
Matthew Gill Jacobin?

Tarciziu Tancau
Tarciziu Tancau This is the situation in Romania right now!

Nando Pelusi
Nando Pelusi Visigoths.

Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz Jacobinism.
Tamir Nitzan
Tamir Nitzan "Progressive"
Betty Steffen
Betty Steffen Interesting
Marty Frazier
Marty Frazier "The Terror" of the French Revolution.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Communism, Positivism?

Bogdan Smith
Bogdan Smith always been

Vince Pomal
Vince Pomal I recall, in the UK, Tony B, subdued them (big move, promising you would have your day), they were generally the shop steward, nasty pieces of work in general, though a pole to fascist HR director or the slave owner. As comfort and riches pursued the w...See More

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Rafael Taylor
Rafael Taylor Xavier Taylor wow is this what you really believe
Xavier Taylor
Xavier Taylor Unequivocally yes.
Rafael Taylor
Rafael Taylor Wow. Sad disconnect from reality.
Rafael Taylor
Rafael Taylor Which of the following do you agree with:
1) The modern left is more "authoritarian, repressive, disciplinarian, and despotically normative" than the classical liberals of the Enlightenment
2) The modern left is more "authoritarian, repressive, disciplinarian, and despotically normative" than some other left, e.g.
- post-enlightenment pre-modern left (e.g. utopian socialists, Left Hegelians etc.)
- The 'old' pre-1980s social democratic left
- The 'old' left more broadly
3) "The "left" has always been about" authoritarianism, repression etc.

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Andy JS
Andy JS "The left"
Jerry Msu
Jerry Msu Seems real safe to call them fragile.
Dimo Pechenikov
Dimo Pechenikov I wonder are there any ancient leftists?!
Rostant Ramlochan
Rostant Ramlochan be careful they may boycott you next
Marc Milanini
Marc Milanini Probably "The Old Regime".
Jeffrey Baker
Jeffrey Baker George Soros?
Simona Aradei-Odenkirchen
Simona Aradei-Odenkirchen please define 'left'
Idan Solon
Idan Solon What are the odds the Berkeley riots were false flag?
Gregory Marek
Gregory Marek Probably very minuscule. I have liberal friends who attended and according to their experience "blac block" anarchists incited much of the chaos. The SF Bay Area is rife with political activists from all walks of life who aren't afraid to express their opinions.
André Bartholomeu Fernandes
André Bartholomeu Fernandes the core of protestants are always paid by ONGs that are funded by George Soros. I saw it happening in Brazil. After the fire is on, useful idiots gather around.
Idan Solon
Idan Solon Eliott Kroll "Almost every gathering." Add lettuce, tomatoes & bread & you'll have a hyperbole sandwich.
Idan Solon
Idan Solon André Bartholomeu Fernandes Why in the world would George Soros pay for that? He knows how it looks. Come on, man. George Soros isn't stupid.
André Bartholomeu Fernandes
André Bartholomeu Fernandes Idan Solon You are very very uninformed about the globalist movement lead by Soros. Soros is far from stupid, he is the man behind each and every liberal march in US. Pls search the web for ONG funding,,,
Idan Solon
Idan Solon André Bartholomeu Fernandes Soros wouldn't pay the left for visible destruction. It is counterproductive to any leftist cause.
André Bartholomeu Fernandes
André Bartholomeu Fernandes Idan Solon well, take a look in the facts and believe or not, the truth is that it was not spontaneous, none of the chaos in the world is spontaneous. It is incited and fired with Soros/Globalists funding. The muslim money too. A lots of it. The term for the liberals is USEFUL IDIOTS in marx terms. They are just the mean to the destruction of western world.
Dinica Roman

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Andrew Neilson
Andrew Neilson Liberals lol
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado That's what the Left has always been.
Stephan van der Klugt
Stephan van der Klugt As James said, faith without works is dead
Eiður Á. Möller
Eiður Á. Möller The Catholic church?
Pancho Miñaca
Pancho Miñaca Antifragile changed my life...
Withered Branch
Withered Branch Naw. I think it's always been about name-calling.
Gustavo Oliveira
Gustavo Oliveira That's what the "left" has always been about.
Usman Muhammad
Usman Muhammad the far-left is very inconsistent with their values
Jay Bower
Jay Bower no, they've always been consistent with their values, and with the execution of implementation of those values.

Read up on the Bolshevik Revolution, and read the Gulag Archipelago
Usman Muhammad
Usman Muhammad Jay Bower I get what you mean. That's alarming. Basically if their ideology continues to manifest itself, it would lead to a disastrous outcome...

The Gulag Archipelago is on my reading list - need to be better informed when engaging in these conversations.

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