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Emigrés - Where is Home?

Joanna Gabler

When Gallery Ehva's director Ewa Nogiec (we're both emigrated to America from Poland) invited me to be a part of "Emigré" exhibition she asked a question: "Where is Home?" The more I thought about it, the less I was capable of bringing out a physical location, and many questions related to the meaning of being at home or homeless kept appearing.
The answer came to me as a surprise.
I am most at home when I create—thoughts, ideas, pieces of art—it does not matter where the creative process happens. When I am not doing that, I feel homeless and alienated—it does not matter how familiar the surroundings may be.
I am at home in my art.
The title for this exhibition is "Nature Transfigured," and the presented works are transcapes. All these Transcapes (my expression for Transfigured Landscapes) were created from the photographs I have taken in New England, mostly in the Berkshires, where I live, and in Southern Vermont.
I feel a strong connection with two bodies of water, the Hoosic River, which is a tributary of the Hudson River and the Hoosac's own very picturesque tributary Broad Brook. The Hoosic River (also spelled Hoosac), an Algonquin word meaning place of stones, runs through three states, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York.
What you see are my latest works I would describe as my co-creative adventure with Nature.
-- Joanna Gabler

"Nature Transfigured"

Photograph by Joanna Gabler

Joanna Gabler, Hoosic River in the Fall

Joanna Gabler, Riverlight

As she developed as an artist Joanna Gabler experimented with many media, finally concentrating on two; oil painting and photography. Oil paint is her medium of choice, as she expressed her love of nature in many flower portraits, landscapes, and abstractions, which she calls Meditations, in view of their direct relation to her passion for spirituality and philosophy, which she studied and taught at college level. In her oils she uses intense colors to express the spiritual life in nature, as we see, hear, smell, and wander through it. Some years ago, she began to work in digital photography and to rework on the computer what her camera saw into abstract patterns of color, light, and shade, which express the inner force and meaning of nature. Some of her first efforts in this process began at the Hoosic River by Mass MoCA. These were exhibited at the Brill Galley at the Eclipse Mill in 2009.Gabler has had many solo art exhibitions, among them shows at the Bennington Museum, Sawyer Libraries (both old and new) of Williams College, The Public Libraries in Williamstown and North Adams, the Centerpoint Gallery in New York City and Rowe Conference Center in Rowe, Massachusetts.

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