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Photographers at Work—Behind the Scenes With Steve McCurry, Abelardo Morell and Marcus Lyon

Photographers at Work—Behind the Scenes With Steve McCurry, Abelardo Morell and Marcus Lyon
Marcus Lyon

Politics, Aesthetics and Big Ideas: Picturing Globalization
The epic scale and scope of these pictures is matched by the magnitude of their subject material—modern megacities, mass exoduses, global consumerism and so much more. Video interview with Marcus Lyon.
Abelardo Morell
On Photography, Life, and Dancing
This amazing short video is pure inspiration for all photographers interested in exploring the endless fine art possibilities that the basics of light and images provide. Video interview with Abelardo Morell.
Massimo Cristaldi
Touch Ground
A conceptual view of landscapes and seascapes at night that are used by immigrants from North Africa seeking new chances in Italy and Europe. By Massimo Cristaldi.
Brandan Gomez
Mística X
Unreal landscapes where objects and situations appear in apparent disorder to create an iconographic space where beliefs of any kind can be real. By Brandán Gómez.
Daesung Lee
The Vanishing Island
These portraits of stranded people depict a very real phenomenon of an island (and a home), which will soon cease to exist altogether. By Daesung Lee.
Steve McCurry

Close Up: Photographers at Work
Video featuring Steve McCurry — see him in action on city streets, talking about his approach to photography.
Portrait Awards
LensCulture Instagram 2015:
Every week one top photographer will be invited to take over our feed!

Eagle-eyed and irreverent street photographer Camilo Fuentealba will be posting live from his trip to Melbourne, Australia. While Fuentealba is most well-known for his pictures from New York City's streets, he will be showing off a different side of the world on LensCulture's ‪Instagram feed this week. Be sure to check it out!

Each week, a different photographer from around the world will take over our feed throughout 2015. Visit and follow us as we share inspiring points of view from photographers in all genres and all cultures.
Call for Entries
Portrait AwardsFrom our friends at Valid Photo: (BIPA 2015)
The Barcelona International Photography Awards!

Eight jurors from around the world will be selecting 8 winners for this exciting new opportunity for photographers to gain exposure and gallery representation!

Deadline: February 28, 2015
To learn more and to apply, visit Validfoto (English) or Validfoto (Spanish).
Portrait Awards
The Other Art Fair, based in London, was established as an artist-led fair, allowing artists to forge direct relationships with potential buyers and gallerists. The seventh edition of the fair in October attracted over 13,000 art buyers! The next edition, in April, promises to be a good one.

For information visit: The Other Art Fair.


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