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: Do you take risks? See Arno Minkkinen's amazing 'Art is Risk Made Visible' and other top stories

Art Is Risk Made Visible 
Arno Rafael Minkkinen has been making amazing, mind-bending photographic self portraits for more than 40 years — here he talks about his beginnings, his process, and some of the inspirations and insights that have guided him so far.

Thomas Cristofoletti
Iran's Booming Consumer Culture
Despite slow mobile internet connections, high prices, and constant governmental censorship of the media, Iranians are frantically buying smartphones, tablets, flat screen TVs, Western beauty products, and more — in ultramodern hypermarkets. By Thomas Cristofoletti.
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Returning to (a Siberian) Childhood
A fascinating video interview in which Siberian photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva discusses what it was like to return to her hometown after an absence of 18 years.

Jane Long
Dancing with Costica
A discovery of wonderful old photographs, and a desire to bring those old strangers back to life in the 21st century, led to the creation of these imaginative fictional reincarnations. By Jane Long. 
Andrey Abramov
Simulators of the City Landscape
Finding conglomerations of spots, lines and geometric objects that already exist in urban environments, these un-retouched landscapes reveal ephemeral beauty in our daily lives. By Andrey Abramov.
Jan Locus
Growing Pains — Mongolia in Crisis
Mongolia, always sparsely populated, finds itself caught between vast opportunity and deep crisis with rapid changes in society due to economic factors and globalization. By Jan Locus.

Paolo Marchetti
Fever: The (Re)Awakening of European Fascism
As the economic, social and political crisis in Europe persists, the continent is becoming a breeding ground for movements built around individuality, hatred and fear.  By Paolo Marchetti.
Joanne Carter
Angels in Streets: Black and White Mobile Photography
Lee Atwell's smartphone street photos are as unpretentious as the life they document. There is no unnecessary visual drama added; no single shot is staged; she never uses flash and never asks. Article by Joanne Carter.
Looking Back at the Best of 2014
Here is some of the best photography we've discovered in 2014 — we want to share it with you and photography lovers everywhere!

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