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Therapeutic Selfies, a Lifetime of ID Photos, the Beauty of Color, and Much More!

Therapeutic Selfies, a Lifetime of ID Photos, the Beauty of Color, and Much More!

Another busy week at LensCulture, with excellent work coming in from all over the world. Our latest discoveries range from selfies to landscapes to meditations on color in the world. We hope you enjoy!


"Sometimes photography without context is enough — the lack of context gives depth to the picture, a resonance, gives us space to examine the banality of the subject and the beauty inherent in it." By Yoshinori Mizutani.
You and your selfies
At a time of personal crisis, self portraits can offer therapeutic reassurance that you are indeed alive, that you are surviving in the midst of trauma and that you can endure.
By Paula Rae Gibson.

Women of the KIA
Women in north Myanmar have few opportunities outside of serving in the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). They join the army at age 16 — by choice or by force. By Adriane Ohanesian.

Landscapes: On the Horizon
Imagine a completely modular world, one broken into individual, endlessly interchangeable units. This inventive series of horizon landscapes reflects on our increasingly subdivided environment. By Luca Lupi.

Using decorative elements, these portraits draw on an anonymous mixed heritage to play on the ideas of mark, fight and femininity.
By Marie Hudelot.
A Life Told with ID Photos
This is the life story of Afsaneh Mobasser: born into privilege in Iran, she was then forced into exile, beginning her long journey across the world. Her narrative is told through her official government ID photos, taken from age 7 to age 55. By Ali Mobasser.

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