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6 Great New Photography Projects, Last Call for Emerging Talent Awards, Free Guide to Photo Competitions

Emerging Talent Competition 2014
Last Call – Seeking 50 of the Top Emerging Talents 
Open to ALL types of photography, ALL themes, with NO AGE LIMIT!

FINAL DEADLINE: June 22, 2014, 11:59 PDT — No Extensions
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Just Published! Free Guide to Photo Competitions
Guide to Competitions
Great advice to help you finish your Emerging Talent entry! 
35 pages of valuable information on how to get the most out of photography competitions. Tips and advice from 19 international expert jurors, stories from previous winners, and a listing of 25 competitions that deliver great results for photographers.
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Great New Photography This Week in LensCulture
Using old chemical techniques, traces of time, light and energy are merged onto the photosensitive paper and grow intriguingly visible as deformed and beautifully palpable images. By Claus Stolz
The Earth Is Only A Little Dust Under Our Feet
Belief in magical beings is widespread in Iceland. But as this enrapturing series shows, if there is any place to believe in magic, Iceland must be that place. By Bego Anton
Lo inevitable — Portraits from Gambela
A series of portraits from Ethiopia intended to increase the visibility of the inhabitants of a land rife with forced resettlements — and also to promote reflection about the identity of a culture in the process of irreversible change. By Antonio Perez Rio
Renaissance Cubism
An artful photographic mash-up of Renaissance art and Cubism, with an Argentinian twist.
By Romina Ressia

Arriving Somewhere Not Here
As a result of the global economic crisis, 10 year-old Andrei's father was fired from his job in Romania, and his mother moved to Italy to find work. This is his story. By Fabio Moscatelli.
13 Views of El Greco's City

12 world-famous photographers were commissioned to create contemporary views of the ancient, mystical city of Toledo — with astounding results.

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