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The Sun is Shining—the Latest from LensCulture

The Sun is Shining—the Latest from LensCulture

Summer Sun!
The word "photography" stems from "writing with light." These three projects, pulled from the archives of LensCulture, push that idea one step further: in different ways, these photographers use the direct power of the sun itself to create inventive, wildly varied interpretations of the medium "photography".

Also, here's our highlight of some of the most interesting photo series from around the world. This week in LensCulture:
Guarita: Brazil's Watchers
Private sentry boxes, guaritas, dot city street corners across Brazil. A look into the night sentries' lives and how this local phenomenon reflects a universally felt sense of urban isolation. By Stefan Schmeling.
You can't get lost in Berlin
Following the Mauerweg trail — the scarred strip of land that encircles the city in which the Berlin wall once stood — we get an unusual view of Berlin. By Ross Williams.

Abandoned: Namib Desert
An abandoned community of workers' houses in Africa has been reclaimed by the desert sands — creating stunning "installations" of interior sand dune sculptures. By Elaine Ling.

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