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How to Plant a Forest

How to Plant a Forest

Since the 1970s a Man Has Been Planting a Forest Larger than Central Park, One Tree at a Time

India's Majuli Island is unique for two reasons. First, it is the largest river island on Earth. Second, it is the location of the 1,360 acre Molai Forest, one of the most unusual woodlands in the world for the incredible fact that it was planted by a single man. Since 1979, forestry worker Jadav Payeng has dedicated his life to planting trees on the island, creating a forest that has surpassed the scale of New York's Central Park.

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

UK sculptor Robin Wight creates dramatic scenes of wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair, all with densely wrapped forms of stainless steel wire. The artist currently has several pieces on view at the Trentham Gardens and sells a number of DIY wire sculpting kits from his website.

Textile Moth and Butterfly Sculptures by Yumi Okita

North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita creates beautiful textile sculptures of months, butterflies, and other insects with various textiles and embroidery techniques. The pieces are quite large, measuring nearly a foot wide and contain other flourishes including painting, feathers, and artificial fur.

3D Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

Tolga Girgin, a Turkish graphic designer and electrical engineer, fills his Instagram account with incredible experiments in calligraphy. His latest pieces involve a number of 3D lettering pieces that use shadow and perspective to make it appear like the letterforms are lifting off the page.

Artist Recreates Childhood Scribbles as Digital Illustrations Over 20 Years Later

With an unusual take on the child/adult collaborative art genre, Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper collaborated with his 4-year-old self in his series called Kiddie Arts. The artist took his old childhood sketches which he then recreated as digital illustrations by applying realistic light, color, and texture to the hilariously deformed shapes he imagined in his youth.

Porcelain Busts Imprinted with Chinese Decorative Designs by Ah Xian

Chinese artist Ah Xian lives and works in Sydney where for nearly two decades he has explored aspects of the human form using ancient Chinese craft methods including porcelain, lacquer, jase, bronze, and even concrete. The artist often uses busts of his own family members including his wife, brother, and father onto which he imprints traditional designs with a vivid cobalt blue glaze.

New in the Colossal Shop: City Lights Scarves from Slow Factory

We are enchanted by light. From the first cooking fires of early humans, we have always been drawn to it. This obsession with light has culminated in great monuments to luminescence: Paris, London, New York.
With their new line of City Lights Scarves, Slow Factory celebrates this enchantment. Utilizing satellite observations of Earth, Slow Factory has emblazoned their gorgeous silk scarves with glowing nocturnal images of some of our greatest cities. Now for the first time, these stunning scarves are available from the Colossal Shop and ship free to all domestic locations.

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