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8 new discoveries: David Lynch-like Photo-story, Japanese Street Photography, Faceless Memories, African Fashion & more

8 new discoveries: David Lynch-like Photo-story, Japanese Street Photography, Faceless Memories, African Fashion & more

Over the past two months, LensCulture's editors have participated in photofestivals throughout Europe: Thessaloniki, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Arles. We've seen great exhibitions, met wonderful photographers and discovered some superb photobooks. This week features just a small sampling of what's caught our eye so far this summer.
Gold Coast  is our favorite new photobook discovery — staged documentary tinged with a David Lynch uneasiness — and it even has a video trailer! By Ying Ang.
Faceless Memories in the Family Album investigates a subject that has powered photography from its very earliest beginnings, the family album, but turns the genre on its (invisible) head. By Jon Uriarte.
After Dark
Capturing Athens' streets by night, this series, After Dark, speaks to us about the Greek crisis and its effects on the country's capital in an allegorical but sincere manner. By Yiannis Hadjiaslanis.
Joan Fontcuberta explains how Data Recovery creates gaps of digital amnesia. Photographs by Diego Collado.

Japan Drug transports us, fully and viscerally, into a disorienting world that feels at once close to home and wonderfully unfamiliar — a stellar example of the power of street photography. By Antonio Julio Duarte.
3 Summer Exhibitions Across Europe
Tattooists, Tattoed: Images of Body Ink Worldwide

A fascinating exhibition at the Musée Quai Branly returns to the sources of tattooing and tells the story of the practice's transformation into a permanent, globalized phenomenon.
Haute Africa

This exhibition showcases a different Africa: a continent that still defies the imagination, where creativity can bring prosperity and clothing culture conveys and renews African identity. Showing at the Noorderlicht Photography Gallery.
Arissa: Shadow and Photographer

The story of an avant-garde Spanish photographer who rose to success in the 1920s and 30s. With the start of the Spanish Civil War, his work almost disappeared — forever. Part of PHotoEspana 2014, showing at the Fundación Telefónica.
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