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New Discoveries from Emerging Photographers Around the World

New Discoveries from Emerging Photographers Around the World
La Famille, Chapter 2 – Color!
French photographer Alain Laboile is one of our most popular discoveries of the year. His black-and-white family photos have been compared with the work of Sally Mann. With "La Famille, Chapter 2", he expands his intimate family album documenting the freedoms of childhood among six siblings "at the edge of the world" in rural France — this time in color.
By Alain Laboile
Photojournalists on War
Although photojournalists show us so much, they rarely get the chance to speak. This book, containing almost 40 interviews, fills that gap with an astounding array of stories and perspectives from the front lines of the Iraq War.
By Michael Kamber
Together in Youth and Light
Intentional double exposure portraits evoke the struggle of young adults trying to define their own identity amidst the push and pull of nature, nurture and peer pressure. By Justin Gonyea

Quantum Blink
Using a unique in-camera process, this series represents how our brain connects and synthesizes forty conscious moments per second into a unified "now".
By Isabel M. Martinez
5 Views on Remote, Modern Finland
What remains of the mythical past in contemporary globalized Finnish society? A collective of five emerging Finnish photographers share their viewpoints in this great project from the remote region of Kainuu.
By Kainuu Photography Collective
Huis Marseille
Apartheid & After
This smart multi-generation selection of work by 12 photographers displays the quality, diversity and dynamism of contemporary South African photography. By Huis Marseille

An exploration of otherworldly occurrences in the wilderness of the Far North, where the extreme landscape imparts a heightened sense of being alive. By Acacia Johnson
Emerging Talent
$10,000 in Cash Grants • Worldwide Screenings at Photo Events • Global Exposure  
Emerging Talents from around the world are now submitting some amazingly fresh 
and inspiring photographs for this important competition. Our editors are posting select entries daily (with each photographer's name credited). Enter now, for the best chances of getting some early worldwide exposure!  See more entries »

2014 International Jury
Competition Gallery
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Nina Röder, PhD candidate in the Media Art Programme at Bauhaus University Weimar.
Research focus: Strategies in Performative Photography
Nina Röder entered this series in LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014, and it was featured online in LensCulture and promoted via LensCulture's social media, where it spread like crazy. For example, a major online portal for Hungarian women picked up the story and more than 17,232 people from Hungary alone viewed the story in the first three days. In total, this story reached an audience of over 120,000 worldwide so far, and it continues to be popular.

"I got amazing feedback so far: some postings in blogs in New York and Boston; a Swedish publishing house wants to work together with me and an Austrian magazine wants to publish the "Mother Shoes" series in the September issue. So — I'm very happy!! The way you help and support emerging artists is amazing."
Photography Events Worth Knowing About
PhotoMonthKrakow PhotoMonth
This year's edition of Krakow Photomonth, titled Re:Search focuses on the relationship between photography and knowledge. Led by curator Aaron Schuman, it promises to be an excellent festival.

From May 15-June 15 in spaces across Krakow. Check the website for more details about scheduling and accompanying events.
Richard Renaldi, Touching Strangers and This Grand Show
Richard Renaldi has not one but two exhibitions open in New York City! Touching Strangers focuses on posed street portraits taken of complete strangers, while This Grand Show highlights a selection of Renaldi's restless (and relentless) travels across the USA.

Touching Strangers will run until May 15 at the Aperture Gallery.
This Grand Show will be on until June 7 at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.
photobiennaleThessaloniki Photo Biennale, Greece
The PhotoBiennale's thematic trilogy (Time, Place, Dialog) concludes this year with a Logos-themed festival. Over 1,000 works made by 100 artists from 24 countries, all of which deal in various ways with the interaction between image and dialog.

Showing until August, 2014. Check the festival website for details.


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