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Don't Miss It: Our Most Viewed Series Ever, and Other Trending Work

Don't Miss It: Our Most Viewed Series Ever, and Other Trending Work

Record Exposure for a Great Photographer!
Our mission is to discover and share the best of contemporary photography from around the world. So when we featured Elena Chernyshova's work on our site and on Facebook, we were thrilled to see this important story go viral! Over 738,000 people were reached in a week! And it's no surprise that she is currently in Amsterdam, accepting an award at World Press Photo. Congratulations Elena!
"I first saw Elena's work when a few of her photos were highlighted earlier this year at
a French festival of young photographers. We invited her to create a Portfolio Account on LensCulture, and she shared the whole amazing story with us—45 great photos with compelling and informative captions. It's a unique story that grips people from the start."  - Jim Casper, Editor
Plus, here are the other top stories that are trending
in LensCulture right now:

Tokyo Street Portraits
These intimate, up-close portraits of people in the streets of Tokyo speak for themselves. We love the direct gaze, the honesty and humanity of these photographs. By Tatsuo Suzuki
Absense of Subject
In each of August Sander's pictures Michael Somoroff has erased the subject, retaining only the background, removing what we have always believed to be the "essential element" — the subject, the portrait. By Michael Somoroff and August Sander

The Pose and The Prey
A view of contemporary game hunting in Portugal — deer, wild boar, foxes, and those who live from hunting and those who see it as a hobby for a few weekends during the year.
By Antonio Pedrosa
Silent Night
On March 11, 2012, sixteen Afghan civilians were killed by a US Army Sergeant who later pleaded guilty — this World Press Photo Award-winning multimedia tells the story of the surviving victims whose voices, so far, have remained publicly unheard. By Lela Ahmadzai
Yummy — A comprehensive overview (174 photographs!) of traditional Soviet-era food still served in Lithuania's canteen restaurants today, documented in photographs along with the people who make it, and the trippy architecture which typifies these establishments.
By Isabella Rozendaal
Afghan Dream: The Nato Generation
Portraits of a new, educated, westernized middle class in Afghanistan that has grown from near zero to 10-15% of the country's total population since 2001. By Sandra Calligaro
Noir City
Stills from an imaginary, seedy film noir flick — plus a video version with a voice-over, called "The Pressman Negatives". By Jason Tannen

Photography Events Worth Knowing About
Hyeres FestivalFRANCE
Hyères Photo Festival
Every spring in the south of France, the International Fashion and Photography Festival highlights young, promising artists in the two fields. The festival offers diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions, two competitions and a beautiful location.

The festival runs from April 25 - 28, 2014

Paris Photo Los Angeles
The second US edition of the world's most celebrated art fair for the best of the best in the global photographic marketplace opens this week and there is lots to see. From exhibitions to screenings to talks to its unique location at the Paramount Pictures Studios, well worth a visit!

The fair runs from April 25 - 27, 2014
Richard Mosse: The Enclave
"The Enclave", a multichannel video installation, was originally commissioned for the Irish Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. In its latest form, it has been expanded from six to eight double-sided screens and installed in a large darkened chamber, creating a physically immersive experience. Awe-inspiring work in a cutting-edge space.
At the The Vinyl Factory Space until April 26, 2014.


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