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information aesthetics

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 12:06 PM PST
"Game on!" by Fathom Information Design is an exploratory visualization prototype that allows users to parse through a basketball game's data, to investigate the behaviors and patterns in terms of the statistics and locations of players.
Based on a vast collection of performance statistics as well as real-time tracked ball and player positions, the tools allows one to explore some potentially interesting patterns, such as each player's recurrent locations, standings, and alignments according to their team position, the concentration of movement around the 3-point mark, any personally preferred shooting spots, or the fact that players tend to transition into offence along the sides of the court
The actual data was acquired by linking noteworthy game event markings to a smart computer-vision algorithm that analyzes top-down video footage, which results in a large set of X, Y, Z positions for each player and the ball for every video frame.

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