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Desire, Abandonment, Performance, Weird Maps, Love and New Portrait Awards Entries

Desire, Abandonment, Performance, Weird Maps, Love and New Portrait Awards Entries

Here are the top photo features and essays that are trending in LensCulture right now. If you'd like to learn more about any of our featured photographers, you can link directly to their in-depth photographer profiles. The profiles allow you to browse their other photo projects, see all the books they've published, read their biographies, discover their galleries, and find direct links to their own websites. 

Our mission is to connect the world's best contemporary photographers with people everywhere who love photography. We're very selective about who we choose to invite to create photographer profiles, so you can be sure that every photographer you find on LensCulture will have interesting and thought-provoking work. Enjoy!

Japanese Performance and Portraiture
Four striking photo series from Japan link theatricality and portraiture, revealing the undeniable connection between appearance and performance. By Hiroshi Watanabe
Proposition Four: Heads Will Roll
How does a non-stop daily flood of imagery impact our own thoughts, memories, desires, dreams, sense of self, and conception of reality?
By Max De Esteban

Diorama Maps
City "maps" composed of thousands of overlapping fragmentary views — kaleidoscopic picture puzzles assembled by one artist who discovers and maps each place in a personal way, as seen through his 35mm camera.
By Sohei Nishino

To be in love for a very long, long time...
The photographer collaborates with his grandparents to create a loving, playful portrait series that pulls together elements of time, place and mixed cultural heritage. By Olivier Fermariello

The Place of No Roads
Visions of what remains at one of the northernmost outposts of a Russian mining community in the Arctic landscape — a Soviet ghost town now. By Ville Lenkkeri

Xukuru: Respecting the old ways, embracing the 21st century in Brazil
iPhone portraits of Xukuru indigenous people
in Pernambuco, Brazil. When ancient cultures continue — but also embrace the new — does that make them less "authentic"?
By Claire Felicie

Henri Cartier-Bresson: 70 Year Retrospective
By re-examining 70 years of wide-ranging, world-changing photographic work, a new exhibition presents a genuine reinterpretation of Henri Cartier-Bresson — it surprises, educates, and allows us to see this master in a new light.

Call for Entries
PA14Every day we highlight selected entries on our site and social media—so enter early to have an opportunity for more exposure. 

Here are a few of the latest entries. View more entries »
LensCulture Portrait Awards
Photos from Top Left Row: Kristina Varaksina, Phil Lg, Thirouin Marc, Brandy Trigueros, David Booker, Aoife Herrity, Uta Theile, Sophie De Laet, Georgia Donkin, Tony Maj, Wolfgang Mueller, Maija Tammi, Rocco Ceselin, Alan Thomas Duncan Wilki 

Our competitions are the best way for us to discover new and compelling work to publish to our audience of over 200,000 influential enthusiasts in the global photography marketplace including editors, curators, gallery owners, collectors, publishers, and festival directors. 

• Every photo is reviewed by EVERY judge, so your work will be seen by our jury.
• 100 photographers with highly-rated photos win a LensCulture Portfolio account.

• Selected entries are featured daily on our site and social media.

Deadline: March 23, 2014
Explore and discover HUNDREDS of curated, invitation-only photographer portfolios on LensCulture now. An ever-growing resource of inspiration from around the world.
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