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Take a Walk into the Infinite

Take a Walk into the Infinite

A Week of Visual Ingenuity

Take a Vertigo-Inducing Walk into the Infinite Inside Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Rooms at David Zwirner in New York

Artist Yayoi Kusama recently opened a solo show, I Who Have Arrived In Heaven, at David Zwirner Gallery in New York. Now in her mid-80s, the prolific artist is showing twenty-seven new large-scale paintings, and not one but two of the artist's famous immersive Infinity Rooms (pictured above).

New Animal and Insect Assemblages Made from Bicycle and Moped by Edouard Martinet

When looking at these perfectly assembled sculptures by French artist Edouard Martinet it's difficult to believe the raw materials he used ever existed in another form. Yet every head, thorax, leg, wing, and eye from these assorted creatures was once part of a car, bicycle, typewriter, or other found object.

Artist Hiroko Kubota Embroiders Popular Internet Cats on Shirts at the Request of Her Son

When Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was in the process of making custom-sized clothing for her smaller-framed son, he made an interesting request: Could some of the shirts have cats on them? After posting a few of the shirts to the internet they unsurprisingly went viral. Kubota has since been selling them as fast as she can make them through an Etsy shop under the brand Go!Go!5. The $250-$300 price tag would seem to indicate that price is of no consequence to internet cat fanatics.

Wonderland: A Fantastical Voyage of Remembrance Through Portrait Photography by Kirsty Mitchell

What began as a tribute and creative outlet while dealing with the loss of her mother has become an odyssey of exploration through costume and set design, conceptual photography, and fairy tales for UK-based photographer Kirsty Mitchell.

Circuit Scribe: Instantly Draw Functional Electrical Circuits on a Piece of Paper

The folks over at Urbana-based Electroninks Incorporated just launched a Kickstarter project for a new kind of pen that draws fuctional electronic circuits instantly. Called the Circuit Scribe, the handy little device works like a regular ballpoint pen and releases a non-toxic conductive silver ink that dries instantly.

Auto Aerobics by Chris LaBrooy

UK-based illustrator Chris LaBrooy is responsible for this really wonderful series of stretched and interlinked classic cars. LaBrooy's work has been exhibited at the design museum in London and has appeared in many illustration and design publications.

Now in the Colossal Shop: Jewelry Inspired by Nature from Nervous System

We are thrilled to now offer a wide variety of objects from Nervous System who design stunning jewelry inspired from patterns and structures found in nature. From the beautiful 3D-printed Interstice Bracelet to these stainless cluster earrings that were made with software that simulates leaf venation, these pieces sit squarely at the intersection of science, art, and technology.

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