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An Architecturally Upcycled School Bus

An Architecturally Upcycled School Bus

A Week of Visual Ingenuity

Architecture Student Converts Old Bus into Comfy Mobile Home Complete with Repurposed Gym Floor

Architecture student Hank Butitta was tired of creating imaginary buildings for clients that didn't exist. So, he found himself an old school bus on Craigslist and, along with photographer Justin Evidon and brother Vince, spent 14 weeks converting it. Instead of rambunctious children, the bus now features a sleek, modular living environment.

An Illegal Mountain Constructed Atop a 26-Story Residential Building in Beijing

It took 6 years of complaints from neighbors before Bejing authorities finally put a stop to the mad project of an eccentric doctor: a mountain on top of his building. While the rocks are fake, the trees and other foliage are not. He's been given 15 days to tear the illegal mountain apart, so remember this the next time you build a garden shed without a permit.


Second Skins: Fashionably Dressed Animals Photographed by Miguel Vallinas

What a fox, huh? Photographer Miguel Villinas' project Segundas Pieles (Second Skin) imagines an entire wardrobe for over 50 animals, including dogs, deer, exotic birds, and one very hip zebra. 

Torafu's Haunted Art Gallery for Kids at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art

It isn't always easy to get kids interested in art, but Torafu Architects may have found a pretty novel approach at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. In their Haunted House exhibit kids first encounter familiar art, but it soon becomes apparent that something spooky is going on. A pair of hands sprout from Mona Lisa's face to manipulate the painting, a portrait's head loops around, eyes dart back and forth. And when the kids realize they're in just another boring art gallery, they can take a secret passage behind the scenes and manipulate the art themselves.    

Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso

Artist and photographer Giuseppe Colarusso is creating the impossible. In this ongoing series, Unlikely, Colarusso imagines utterly improbable objects that are either completely useless or impractical in their current design. So what's the point? Colarusso tells us that it's just to make you stop, think, and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Each Line One Breath: Morphogenetic Freehand Drawings By John Franzen [VIDEO]

Netherlands-based artist John Franzen begins by drawing a simple vertical line on the far side of his canvas. Then he repeats the line over and over again until he reaches the other side. Any imperfections in the original and subsequent lines ripple across the canvas, amplified or suppressed as Franzen continues drawing. The result are these textured drawings reminiscent of wrinkled fabric or waves of water.

From the Colossal Shop

Completed by artist Justin Gershenson-Gates earlier this month, these incredibly intricate sculptures were created almost exclusively from repurposed watch parts. The Demonfly Watch Part Assemblage (left) is composed of winding stems, strap springs, watch plates, an a blue christmas light bulb. Uniquely, the Demonfly's arms swivel to give the sculpture the appearance of preparing for an attack or fleeing. The Hornet Watch Assemblage (right), measuring just 42mm x 49mm, features a tiny flashlight bulb abdomen and cut and sanded watch faces for wings.

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