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Airborne Typewriters and Steampunk Pocket Watches

Airborne Typewriters and Steampunk Pocket Watches

New Birds Made From Repurposed Typewriters by Jeremy Mayer

Jeremy Mayer uses nothing but vintage typewriter parts to create his incredible bird sculptures, eschewing solder or epoxy of any kind. In this way, it is as though Mayer has unlocked a form that has always been inside of the typewriter. With awesome retractable wings, the swallow pictured above looks ready to take to the sky.  
Animated Music Video Filmed Through a Band's Breath in Freezing Temperatures by Wriggles & Robins

Great songwriters have always been able to create images with their music. With the help of directing duo Wriggles & Robins, the band Travis has taken it to a whole new level. Shot at below freezing temperatures, the directors turned the musicians' exhalations into ethereal animations hanging in the air. The result is a fascinating conversation between sound and image. 


Floating Garden: A New Poured Salt Installation by Motoi Yamamoto at Mint Museum Uptown

And you thought salt was just for seasoning. Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto thinks differently. This incredible piece called Floating Garden is just one example of the installations Yamamoto has created using he collects from the sea. The intricacy of his swirling designs is absolutely astonishing.  


Retired P.E. Teacher Wears Same Outfit for 40 Years of Yearbook Portraits

Admit it, you wear the same pair of pants to work a couple days in a row. Everyone does it. But when Dale Irby accidentally wore the same outfit for school picture day two years in a row, he launched a 40-year tradition. Irby, a now retired phys. ed. teacher, wore the exact same sweater vest and collared shirt for every subsequent yearbook photo of his career.  The outfit creates an interesting constant within the portraits that highlights the changes in Mr. Irby over time.  

Steampunk Watch Part Sculptures by Sue Beatrice

Something about Sue Beatrice's watch part sculptures gives the impression that, at any moment, they could start ticking again. There is an innate sense of movement within the assembled parts that is hard to ignore. Beatrice has created an impressive collection of animal and human sculptures that is definitely worth checking out. 

Stunning Tattoos by Art Collaborators 'Expanded Eye' 

These tattoos are way beyond your ex's name on your arm. Artists Jade Tomlinson and Kev James spend days collaborating on the artwork for each piece. Featuring extremely delicate lines mixed with geometrical shapes and typography, the duo's entire gallery is worth checking out

Giant Chrome T-Rex Installed on the Seine River in Paris by Philippe Pasqua
What could make the coolest animal ever just a little bit cooler? Chroming it and setting it up alongside the Seine in Paris, of course. This huge T-Rex sculpture was created by Philippe Pasqua from 350 chrome molded bones and stands 21' x 12'.  

From the Shop

Replicas of real satellites like the Geotail weather satellite or the ORS-1 spy satellite, you can find these awesome models in the Colossal Shop right now. Constructed from wood, metal, and plastic, the models come with a really nice stand and look really great sitting on a desk or high shelf. While they look great on display, they're also durable enough to be handled by kids, and the detailed descriptions of what each satellite does in space will have your son or daughter instantly interested in the cosmos. 

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