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Instant Superheroes: Just Add Mirrors

Instant Superheroes: Just Add Mirrors

Leonardo Erlich's Reflective Optical Illusion House Now In London

With the price of utility belts and genetic mutation these days, it's getting awful hard to scale tall buildings like your favorite superhero. But thanks to Argentine artists Leonardo Erlich, you can do it a little more cheaply in the Hackney section of London. Using a giant wall of mirrors and a horizontal print of a house, Erlich's Dalston House lets you superhero it up all you want.

The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans) [VIDEO]

The raw statistics of our lives can be pretty shocking, especially when they're visually represented by candy. In a fascinating new video, online performance artist Ze Frank illustrates the amount of time we spend doing everyday tasks like eating, sleeping, and driving using 28,835 jelly beans. Frank's video drives toward one simple question: What will you do with the time you have left?

The American Dream: A Sand Castle Suburb Consumed by the Ocean

Drawing upon his upbringing amongst the suburban sprawl of Southern California, Chad Wright created this sand installation titled Masterplan. A blending of visions, Masterplan experiments with Wright's childhood memories of building sandcastles, but as the surf moves in the installation takes on somewhat darker tones.

The WOOD.b Bikes by BSG 

If we had bikes that looked this awesome, we probably wouldn't mind dealing with termites as well as the regular old flat tires and loose chains. Built by BSG from a mixture of wood and steel, these gorgeous bikes will be available soon.

Cloud Ceiling: An Interactive Cloud Made with 15,000 Light Bulbs at Progress Bar in Chicago
This ain't your grandma's disco ball. Composed of 15,000 re-appropriated light bulbs, LEDs, and reflective mylar, this new installation at Chicago's Progress Bar is packed with motion sensors and reacts to movement within the bar. Titled Cloud Ceiling, it was designed by Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. Seeing it might be the most awesome excuse you've ever had to go out drinking.

Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Manabu Ikeda

It is way to easy to get lost inside of Manuba Ikeda's massive drawings. Using only an acrylic pen, Ikeda progresses across his canvas at the rate of four square inches per day. The amount of detail in each of those 4" squares is unbelievable.

From the Colossal Shop

How annoying is it to go chasing your cap across the floor every time you open a beer? Almost as annoying as not being able to find your bottle opener when you really want a beer. This Magnetic Bottle Opener designed by Brendan Ravenhill for Areaware solves both problems really simply and looks good doing it. Made from your choice of beech or walnut, the Magnetic Bottle Opener comes in some really slick color/wood combinations. Check it out at the Colossal Shop

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