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The Abandoned Europe of Andre Govia

We recommend Andre Govia's marvelous stream of photos from the seemingly forgotten past of old European wrecks. His work both as an explorer and as a photographer are daring, and the results pack a visual and emotional punch, moving between creepy to beautiful. 
What happened to turn this once luxurious and beautiful mansion to an aging memory? The rooms full of elegant furniture and toys.

A room that has seen better, more musical days. Now the wind is the only sound that blow through these forgotten rooms.

Did poetry come out of this typewriter, or just letters?

A creepy carriage. Andre has this to say: ""Another rule of the game that is very important is never to name locations with the real names until it is gone, primarily to stop everyone going down and spreading the word, selfish yes but also very necessary. After all, we are trespassing with what we see as good intent. But in the eyes of the law, we are walking the line between creativity and vandalism. Real explorers will never damage any building they visit, but local kids will see an old building as just a place to smash up."

What a waste of beautiful art on the walls of this abandoned mansion.

A rare white piano.

An organist, once played, now still.

Even a crypt won't scare andre away, as he photographs these coffins. To the right is a creepy image of a man in black with a hat.

This huge abandoned church still has chairs out (for the ghosts to watch a sermon?).

A beautiful winding staircase at an abandoned monastery.

This Grand sea front theater closed its doors in 1977. 80 years after it was built.

"A 5 Star Hotel with pool and everything you will ever need to enjoy your stay. Lost in time." According to Andre. "In this beautiful large hotel in the woods, we could not comprehend what was outside: A guard in camoflauge gear with a machine gun!!!!! As we looked out from behind the curtain, he stood looking to where we were. The crew packed up and headed out from the rear in a swift run!!"

The memory of elegance in this haunted hotel. This was the ballroom.

This creepy place is actually a children's prison.

A sanatorium for children with tuberculosis.

Cell 3 at an abandoned industrial location. The only way in here is to slide down a rusty chain about 20 foot.

Abandoned amusement park.

Abandoned hospital 

Abandoned manor house that has stood empty for the last 40 years or so. A step back in time, with scattered children's toys. 

Dolls used to be much creepier than what children play with these days. 

The ghosts of books that haven't been touched in decades. 

A beautiful classic window at an abandoned manor house, there is a lot of beauty among the sadness of a forgotten past.

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