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An Artist Who Manipulates Water with Her Mind

An Artist Who Manipulates Water with Her Mind

Beautiful Thoughts: Artist Lisa Park Manipulates Water with Her Mind [Video]

Beautiful Thoughts
Usually it takes a lot more than mere thoughts to create such incredible art. Using an EEG headset and speakers mounted to pools of water, conceptual artist Lisa Park turned her thoughts into this stunning performance art piece.


Book Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova

Book Paintings
Ekaterina Panikanova's art is as much about the canvas as it is the paint. Books, journals, and other documents are carefully aligned and then painted to create an unbelievable sense of depth. Feel free to read too much into her work.

Fallen Tree Bench by Benjamin Graindorge  

Fallen Tree Bench
With this bench, Benjamin Graindorge has embraced the life behind his material rather than attempt to tame or disguise it. An awesome place to take a seat and a beautiful reminder of where the materials we encounter everyday come from. 

A Massive Rotating Supercell Filmed Near Booker, Texas by Mike Olbinski [Video]

Last week Mike Olbinski filmed this enormous supercell near Booker, Texas. Olbinksi's beautiful time lapse video gives a true sense of the absolutely insane size and power of this thing.

Astounding Origami by Nguyen Hung Cuong

If you're like us and struggle to fold even the simplest paper airplane, you'll be completely blown away by these origami figures created by Hanoi paper artist Nguyen Hung Cuong (Neil Patrick Harris is also a fan).

Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan

Embroidered Insects
Even the most intense insecto-phobes can't help but love these embroidered snails, wasps, and other insects from Claire Moynihan. Moynihan mounts collections of her "Bug Balls" in traditional entomological cases where they could almost pass for the real thing.

From the Colossal Shop

Tree Ring
These rings are one of our favorite items in the Colossal Shop. Laser-cut from high quality birch plywood and finished with a durable enamel, the Tree, House, and Mountain Rings were created by UK-based designer Clive Roddy. Each design is sold in a pack of three, but they're look especially neat when you combine all three designs together. 

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