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The Corolla of the Wonders of the World

Pétalas, cálice e corola by tabatafunk
Pétalas, cálice e corola, a photo by tabatafunk on Flickr.

Lucian Blaga (May 9, 1895 - 1961).

I do not trample on the corolla of the wonders of the world
and I do not strangle
in my mind the secrets that I encounter
on my way
in flowers, from eyes, on lips, in graves…
The light of others
shatters the unbreakable spell hidden
in the dark depths,
but I,
I, with my light, multiply the secrets of the world
and as the moon with its rays of white
does not diminish, but rather vibrantly
enhances the secret of the night,
thus I enrich the dark horizon
with large tremors of sacred mysteries,
and all that was incomprehensible
will change into even greater imponderables
under my gaze –
for I love
flowers, and eyes, and lips, and graves…

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