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despre teatru si regizor

Iata ce spune actorul austriac Klaus Maria Brandauer (a jucat in Mefisto), pentru care teatrul ce subliniaza rolul regizorului este un nonsens:
"All creative people tread on thin ice. Of course actors can be easily unsettled by someone who's studied literature and philosophy, for example. The actor is his own instrument, and that's no picnic. Some don't have the intellectual underpinnings, and are easily taken in by charlatans. Throw in a few clever critics and cultural politicians who are perhaps also wannabe artists and you get the hodge podge we're dealing with... Theatre today is a sort of ideologically imposed elation, one that's often not shared by audiences. The reason's simple: with an excellent play and ten talented actors, the director can become secondary, and some of them find that hard to take. A lot of actors do in fact suffer under the so-called 'director's theatre', but they wouldn't dare speak out against the trend. I mean they want to work after all."
O fi adevarat ce spune Brandauer despre regizori, dar cand avcem de-a face cu personalitati disproportionate in alte roluri artistice care depind de echipe nu-i acelasi lucru? Muzica clasica este un bun exemplu in care tensiunile intre solist(i) si dirijor sunt o problema. Mai mult, ce ne facem daca un actor-vedeta ia locul regizorului?

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