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MARIA TUDELA: “Possibly my work doesn’t meet a single rule in photography”

Fine art photography is created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer. It stands in contrast to representational photography, such as photojournalism. Maria Tudela is a talented fine art photographer, specialising in aesthetic, emotional pictures, reminding greatness of analogue photography. We can see misty landscapes and architecture, vague styling, unreal use of symbols. Maria takes us on a journey to the land of symbols and dreams, and her efforts are performed with a great deal of artistic skills.
[Photos by Maria Tudela Bermudez source: portfolio]

I do not seek the harmony between focus, distortion or noise, so that the image would be impeccable. Possibly my work does not not meet a single rule in photography. My photos are imperfect. I do not seek admiration, halfway between reality and non-existence. I would love to excite you. I use the blur, the textures or any means that allows me to separate them from the representation of reality. I only pretend to show anonymous beings which leave their anonymity if I could get the viewer to be identified with them. If you look for perfect photos, do not follow me. You will not find it here. For me photography is more than technique, beauty or aesthetics that surrounds it. It has the wonderful power to provoke emotion, and that’s what I want with my imperfect photos. Halfway between reality and the absence I do not mean to say everything by my pictures — just insinuate. Oriented more towards creative and artistic photography than technique. My characters are always anonymous, never showing a face. Thereby intended to approach the viewer, catch it, immerse it in that story, give participant and protagonist. A torso, a figure without identity, or a silhouette that moves away until lost may suggest, transmit, transfer or recall a concrete lived or live moment. In my stories I did not show everything, the rest is left to the viewer’s imagination.
Maria Tudela Bermudez: although I have been doing photography for several years, it was recently when I decided to show my photos beyond family and friends.

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